It’s only a couple of weeks until Easter, and while it is a dreary rainy day here in SoCal, I am dreaming of Spring weather, fresh blooms, and pastel sundresses!  Anyone else?! My Spring tablescape was not only super easy, but it was also very inexpensive!  Granted, some of the items I already had, but I’m guessing you likely have many of these items in your home as well!

Easter table setting
My Rae Dunn Easter plates from last year work perfectly here!
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What You’ll Need:

  • Terra Cotta pots (how many is up to you – our table is 72″ and I used six, three medium and three small)
  • Masking or Painter’s Tape
  • 1″ paintbrush
  • Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint in Linen White (or whatever color you wish!)
  • Preserved Moss (I got mine at WalMart)
  • Pillar Candles (use sizes that coordinate with your pots; they don’t need to be taller than your pots, but be sure the width of the candle works well with the width of the pots; my candles were approx 3″x3″ and 3″x6″)
  • Old newspaper or packing paper
  • Birch bark slabs (2) (optional – I had these on hand from our wedding)
  • Faux flowers of your choice
  • 6′ faux Eucalyptus garland – I used this one from Hobby Lobby
  • Tabletop carrots – I used these from Michaels

If you are interested in my place settings, both my burlap placemats and white chargers are from Pier 1, and my dinner and salad plates are from Bed Bath & Beyond; and of course, I added my Rae Dunn bread plates – there are some similar ones of this year at TJMaxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls!

Step 1:

Dry brush (this just means get MOST of the paint off your brush before you start) your terra cotta pots! As you can see, I didn’t do this as my first step because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint my pots or not.  But, I think they look much cuter painted, and if you want to paint yours too, it will be a lot easier if you start here!

dry brush terra cotta pot
Brush your paint in one direction, preferably around your pot (not up and down)

Step 2:

Place a small piece of masking tape over the holes in your pots – this is just to help keep any moss from falling through and out onto your table.

Step 3:

Use your newspaper or packing paper and stuff the bottom of your pots.  You want to stuff them until your candle is able to sit on top of the crumpled paper and that when it is sitting there, it will be sticking up slightly out of your pot.

Once you place your candle on top, squish a bit more paper around the base of the candle.  This will help keep your candle in place, and will also minimize the amount of moss you need to use, thus saving you money! You really should only need one package of moss for this project if you are making 6 pots or less!

Step 4:

Add your moss around the candles – I used 2 types of moss, but you don’t have to.  The lime green reindeer moss I just happened to have on hand already, and I like the contrasting colors.

And voila! You are basically done! As you can see, my pots were not yet painted here.

Step 5:

Arrange your table as you like!  I placed my eucalyptus garland first in an ‘S’ like shape.  I used 2 birchbark slabs, one in each curve of the ‘S,’ if that makes sense.  I then arranged my pots on and around the birchbark slabs in a way that I thought looked good, and added a few faux flowers and some adorable tabletop carrots, linked above!  The best part about this tablescape is that once Easter is over, I just have to remove the carrots and it works for the rest of Spring!

Rae Dunn Spring table
Spring table setting ideas

As you can see, the left is very Easter-y, but the right is essentially the same thing minus the carrots and flowers! I think I’ll end up leaving the flowers after Easter, but I’m happy this tablescape will last me through April and May!

Spring tablescape ideas
That little bunny was another decor item I had on hand! He has been with me since I was little!

Now, as much as I love my tablescape itself, by far my most FAVORITE part about my Easter table are the Easter eggs hanging from our light fixture!  I knew when we found this light fixture at World Market that there were endless possibilities for decorating it throughout the seasons!

Easter table

The hanging eggs I also had on hand, but you can find similar ones almost anywhere – TJMaxx, Target, Walmart, etc.  You could also make them with the dyeable Paper eggs that are out everywhere these days by simply hot gluing a looped ribbon to the top of the egg!  f you have kids I am sure they would just love seeing their Easter creations hanging from the dining room chandelier (or somewhere else if you don’t have this option)!

And that is it my friends! Easy peasy, right? This is a spring tablescape you can easily accomplish in an hour or two; a perfect project while the kiddos nap!

Happy Spring and happy tablescaping, friends! And while our weather may not be exactly Spring-like, Daylight Savings tonight certainly means we are getting closer. Until next time…



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