I’ve been itching to make this Christmas doormat for weeks! The process was a bit different than my prior holiday/seasonal doormats, but just as easy! This particular doormat is inspired by one I saw at Anthropologie this season that looks just like a little gingerbread house! But ya girl is CHEAP, and there was NO WAY I was paying $38 plus tax for a seasonal doormat.


anthropologie door mat
This is the Anthropologie doormat I was inspired by!

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So, I used items I had on hand, including an old coir doormat from Ikea that was $9.99. Because I had everything I needed, this project was FREE! But even if you need to buy a few things, you should be able to tackle this project for about $15-$20, which is still less than HALF the Anthro price!

What You Need:

How To:

Step 1: Use chalk to roughly draw out the main lines of your house – the roof, door, etc. I just free handed this based on the photo. You could always use a rule if you feel more comfortable, but the best part about the chalk, is that if you mess up, it comes right off!

christmas doormat DIY Anthropologie inspired

Step 2: Using your foam brush, dab white paint along your chalk lines. It works best to dab the paint using the tip of the foam brush, rather than try to drag it across. You do not need things to be perfect here – we’ll go back in and make the lines bolder and more filled in soon.

christmas doormat how to

Step 3: Once all of your chalk lines are covered in paint, use your small stencil brush to dab your paint lines so they are thick. You’ll need to get paint INTO the bristles of the coir doormat itself so they look nice and beefed up.

gingerbread house christmas doormat
Here the lines are not at thick and pronounced as I’d ike, so I used the stencil brush to make them beefier!

Step 4: Now add the smaller details (I.e. the “icing”) using your small touchup brush. I just freehanded this – no chalk. But you you can certainly use your chalk to outline things if needed! I went over these details 2-3 times to make the lines nice and thick!

christmas doormat DIY

Step 5: Add your “icing” until you like what you see! Use your small detail brush and foam brush as needed to make any of your paint lines thicker until you are happy with the overall look! Again, dabbing INTO the doormat really helps to make your lines thick and beautiful!

Step 6: Allow to dry and then spray with clear matte Krylon to seal. This helps with two things – 1) keeping your paint in tact, and 2) preventing you from tracking in the little pieces that tend to come off of coir doormats like this!

Easy peasy! You’ve now got yourself a beautiful and fun Gingerbread House Christmas Doormat for a fraction of the cost of the Anthropologie version!


I love that it’s different than your typical holiday doormat! And because it’s got a nice winter vibe going, you can even use it through January or February!

Let me know if you plan to make your own Christmas doormat below! Enjoy!



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