DIY enchanted broom robot vacuum

For the past couple of years I’ve seen those enchanted brooms floating (literally!) all over the internet! You can find them cheap (Big Lots has one for $35), but a really great looking enchanted broom can be $80 to $100 plus!

I also already have the base – my robot vacuum! So I figured I’d set out to DIY my own enchanted broom with inexpensive materials! I wasn’t quite sure how this one would turn out, or if it would even work (given I still need my vacuum to you know, VACUUM). But I’m happy to report it turned out AMAZING, and is still completely functional!

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I mean, too cute right?!

What You’ll Need:

How to Make your own Enchanted Broom Robot Vacuum!:

Step 1: Lay your pot base on top of your robot vacuum. Cut out where any sensors or buttons might be so you can still access them. Repeat on second pot base.

Step 2: Glue your two pot bases together (I used two so that the base would be more stable). Place books or a heavy object on them while they dry.

DIY enchanted broom base assembly

Step 3: Cut off about 2 inches from the top of your foam cone.

Step 4: Remove the broom portion of your broom from the handle. Insert the handle into the top of the foam cone and generously hot glue it in place. Hold to dry for about 3 minutes.

Step 5 (optional): I wanted my very plastic broom handle to look more “wicked,” if you will, so I crumpled up some paper towels and duct taped them on in random places. I then added joint compound all over to add some texture so it looked more like wood.

Step 6 (optional): Once the joint compound dried, spray paint your broom black or brown

PRO TIP: You can ALSO use a large branch in place of a broom handle for a more authentic look. Sadly, we don’t have large branches readily available where we live this time of year, so a plastic broom handle it was!

Step 7: While your broom handle is drying, attach 4 Command picture hanging strips to your pot bottom base. Attach the reverse side of the Command strip on top and then stick it down on top of your robot vacuum. Make sure any cutouts you made in Step 1 are properly aligned. (I specifically use Command strips because they will be easily removable from my robot vacuum without residue after the season is over!)

Step 8: Carefully remove the base from your robot vacuum. You should now have one side of the Command strips ON your robot vacuum, and the other side on the bottom of your base.

Step 9: Hot glue the bottom of your foam cone to the middle of the top of your base.

enchanted broom tutorial

Step 10: Next, hot glue some of your dried Spanish moss around the foam cone to hide it a bit. The Spanish moss also helps give your broom a more authentic look.

enchanted broom DIY

Step 11: Cut your yarn to length, and hot glue the top of each piece around the top part of your cone, as well as just above it. The more yarn you add, the fluffier your broom will be!

enchanted broom DIY - building out your broom

Step 12 (optional): grab some twigs from outside and glue those on too! Again, this just adds a rustic and more realistic look to your broom. BUT, be sure the twigs don’t stick out too far, or they will interfere with the functionality of your vacuum (no one wants twigs running into furniture and breaking off everywhere!)

Step 13: Reattach your base to the top of your vacuum and then let her go!

Now you’ve got your own DIY enchanted broom, and it only cost you about $25 to make! For me, my total cost breakdown was about $23, including the yarn, cone, moss, pot bases, and broom handle. I already had the spray paint, joint compound, picture hanging strips, and of course, our robot vacuum. Although I did link that for you because it’s self empty and AMAZING!


DIY enchanted broom robot vacuum

If you want to see her in action, check out my Instagram here!

I have SO many more spooky season DIYs coming your way this year, so stay tuned!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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