diy mini caged skeletons

I’m soooo excited to share these DIY Mini Caged Skeletons with you today. PLUS, it’s OFFICIALLY FALL and that means y’all can’t get annoyed with more for all of my Fall & Halloween posts anymore 🍁

I got all of my materials (except the paint, zip ties, and jewels, all of which I already had) at Dollar Tree. So in total, I spent $1.25 x 7, for a total of $8.75! I’m linking some alternative Amazon materials for you here just in case you don’t have Dollar Tree near you, but they’re pricier, so if you’ve got a Dollar Tree or something similar, scour there first!

I’ve seen these caged skeletons done in a larger format with laundry baskets for a porch. But I wanted to create a less creepy, and more glam, version that I could hang from our kitchen table chandelier. And I think these mini caged skeletons turned out even better than I expected!

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Mini Caged Skeletons – What You’ll Need (for ONE):

Mini Caged Skeletons – How To:

Step 1: So my skeletons were glow in the dark, which I didn’t really care for. If you find skeletons that you like the look of, you can skip this step, but I had to spray paint my skeletons white to start. Let dry.

Step 2: I then rubbed some wood stain that I had on hand onto my skeletons. I used a paper towel and just buffed off the finish of the stain until I liked the look.

painting glow in the dark skeletons

Step 3: I also painted their eyes and nose socket black with a small brush.

painting glow in the dark skeletons

Step 4: Next, add some of your jewels to the rib cage with E6000. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Plop your skelly into one of your wire baskets (you can also paint your wire baskets if you wish, but I liked my baskets gold!)

Adjust the legs of your skeleton however you like. My skellies legs just hang through the cage.

Step 6: Add your second wire basket on top, and place the arms of the skeleton how you like. I also have mine going through the basket.

diy mini caged skeletons

Step 7: Use zip ties to secure your two wire baskets to each other. I also added a zip tie to the top of my skeletons head and the top of the “cage” because they already had hooks up there. This came in very handy because the skeleton is very secured and doesn’t move much.

Step 8: Cut off any excess plastic from your zip ties.

Step 9: Secure a couple of bats to the cages for a little something extra. Mine were clip on, but you can use your E6000 to secure them if they don’t have clips. You could also use spiders, snakes, or anything else your spooky heart desires!

Step 10: Hang these cuties up and enjoy!

I mean, how stinking cute are these guys!? I love that these mini caged skeletons can both hang and sit as well, so you could also style them on a shelf or Halloween table! I’ll be telling people that these skellies are the remnants of Jay & Ice from Hocus Pocus! 🤪 (If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s time to watch Hocus Pocus this season, especially since Hocus Pocus 2 is coming out in a week!!)

Tell me what you think of these cute skellies in the comments and let me know if you’re planning to try them out!


A huge happy FALL Y’ALL…

Until next time…

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