DIY Halloween decor - ghost garland

You know I’ve been going all out with my DIY Halloween decorations this year (and Fall, too)! And this cute ghost garland is probably one of my absolute favorites. It takes minimal materials, and can absolutely be made with your kiddos! Plus, some of my favorite memories as a kid were making DIY Halloween decorations, or any holiday decor really, with my mom; so this is a great way to make those special memories that you’ll savor for years to come!

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What You’ll Need:

How To:

Step 1: Wrap your white yarn around you 5″x5″ piece of cardboard between 50-60 times (depending on the thickness of your yarn – if thicker, you’ll need less rotations).

diy halloween decorations ghost garland

Step 2: Cut your yarn off at what will be the bottom of your ghost. Slide off the yarn from the cardboard, and cut through the loop at one end to create what looks like a tassel.

ghost garland DIY halloween decorations

Step 3: Cut a small piece of yarn and tie it around your “tassel,” about 1/3 down from the top of the loop. The top looped portion will serve at the face of your ghost. Be sure to double knot!

Step 4: Use the fabric scissors to cut a square piece of cheesecloth that is about 10″ by 10″. Drape it evenly over your ghost. The very middle of your square piece of cheesecloth should be sitting on top of the looped portion of your yarn.

Step 5: Cut another short piece of yarn and tie it around your cheesecloth in the same place as the prior tie. This time, instead of a double knot, first knot your yarn and then tie it in a bow. Cut off any excess yarn on each end to your liking.

easy ghost garland DIY halloween decorations

Step 6: Using a small paint brush and black fabric paint, paint your ghosts faces. I created a larger oval mouth with two smaller oval eyes.

diy halloween decorations kid friendly ghost garland

Step 7: String a long piece of your white yarn onto an embroidery needle. Thread your needle through the top of each ghost’s head, making sure to pick up both the cheesecloth and several pieces of yarn underneath (this will make it stronger).

ghost garland DIY

Step 8: Adjust your ghosts, and then hang across your mantel or a shelf for the cutest DIY Halloween decorations around! You can also use these cute ghosts individually. How cute would they be on top of a Halloween place setting, or as a party favor for guests during a pumpkin carving party? The possibilities are endless!

diy halloween decorations - mantel decor with easy ghost garland

I hope you are enjoying all of my DIY Halloween decorations this year! Remember to try out my DIY Giant Spiders and black mud paint pumpkins sometime, too!

Until the next project!



DIY Halloween Decorations and Crafts - easy ghost garland
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