DIY spice drawer organization hack

Hello friends! I shared briefly about this DIY Spice Drawer over on my Small Kitchen Organization Hacks post, but we never specifically chatted about how I achieved it! It truly was so easy! And while I was nervous about losing a full drawer to spices (small kitchen problems!), it cleaned up my pantry and cabinets so much and made my spices so much easier to find. I actually find myself using a wider variety of spices in our cooking because I actually KNOW what I have now, as opposed to losing random spices in the back of a cabinet and completely forgetting about them!

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The supplies for this project are minimal, and the spice jars I used are actually the ones that Walmart sells all their spices in, which was awesome. That said, removing the labels from said Walmart spice jars was a bit tedious (and sticky)!

What You’ll Need:

How to:

Step 1: Wash out your spice jars and lids with soapy water. I let mine soak for a bit and then washed them out. Make sure to get the rim and inside the lids as well. And make sure you dry them COMPLETELY.

spice jars soaking in sink with soapy water for DIY spice drawer

Step 2: Using your Dymo label maker, start creating labels for each spice and applying to your jars. I applied ours vertically so I could make the words longer if necessary. “Rosemary” doesn’t exactly fit well going across a small jar.

dymo label maker for spice drawer DIY

Step 3: Using your small funnel, add your spices to the jars accordingly. Again, make sure your jars are FULLY dry! Because some spices are larger, you might have to lightly jiggle your jar/funnel to get the spice to move through the funnel into the jar.

DIY spice drawer - filling jars with spices using small silicone funnel

Step 4: Using a sharpie, write the spice expiration date on the inside of your lid (if you are concerned about sharpie residue on your spices for any reason, you can always write this on the top of the lid, too). This will help ensure you don’t lose track of when a certain spice expires. And when you add more spice to that jar, just cross out your old date and write a new one!

Fun Fact: When doing this DIY (completed in 2019), the oldest spice I had was from 2012, which means it came across the country with me from GA to CA – GROSS!

DIY spice drawer

Step 5: Begin organizing your spices in your drawer according to your own preference. You could organize alphabetically, or like me – by color!

DIY spice drawer

Step 6: Repeat until you are finished! Not only do I love our DIY spice drawer because it’s so pretty, but it’s also so practical and we waste less of the spices because of it. The best part? You can complete this task in one day and head to bed knowing your life is just a little bit more organized! 🙂

DIY spice drawer organization hack

What do you think? Are you a fan of some of these more practical/organization tip DIY projects? Or are you all about the BIG REVEALS!?

Let me know below!