diy concrete pumpkins

Making these DIY Concrete Pumpkins is so easy! All you need is some Mortar Mix, stockings or thick pantyhose, a bucket, twine, and some eye/face/hand protection. The bag of mortar mix was $7 and I had all the other materials on hand. I was able to get 13 concrete pumpkins with concrete left to spare!

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What You’ll Need:

The materials you need are as basic as it gets. Mixing the concrete with a drill and paint mixer attachment is easier, but you can also mix it with your hands (wearing gloves) or with a small shovel.

How To:

Step 1: Cut your pantyhose/stockings into 5 sections. (Note: Using thicker stockings/pantyhose is better because they will be easier to remove). First cut the body portion off the top and tie it off on one end. Then cut two sections out of each leg and tie them off on one end.

Step 2: Add about 2″ of water to a large 5 gallon bucket or something similar. Scoop your mortar mix into the bucket and mix. You want your mixture to be pliable and wet, but fairly thick (not runny at all)! Make sure to wear a mask, eye protection, and gloves for this project!

Step 3: Scoop your concrete into your stockings. Use your hands to mold the mixture inside your stockings so it becomes a flatter round shape. Don’t stretch the stockings too much, or they will be difficult to remove.

Step 4: Tie off the top of your stockings and ensure the knot is not pressing too deeply into the top (if it is, it will create a large divet that will be harder to fill with a “stem”).

Step 5: Tie pieces of twine around your concrete pumpkin to create ridges. Tie them tight enough so it creates a decent indentation, but not so tight that the concrete will dry around the twine and get it stuck.

concrete pumpkins with panyhose and tights
As you can see, I also used rubber bands here, but found that the twine was MUCH easier to remove.

Step 6: Allow to dry for 24 hours. Then use scissors or a utility knife to cut away the twine and remove your stockings. There will be a lot of fine concrete dust released, so again, gloves/mask/eye protection!

Step 7: Hose down your concrete pumpkins and allow to dry. Then pray your pumpkins with a clear matte polycrylic like Krylon. This will keep them from shedding additional concrete dust.

Step 8: Add stems! I used rope but you can use really anything you like – sticks from your yard, yarn, wine corks, anything! Secure the rope or whatever you’ve decided to use with hot glue. I also left a few pumpkins stemless so I could more easily stack them in my decor.

diy concrete pumpkins

Step 9: Allow to dry. I recommend adding felt “feet” to the bottoms of your pumpkins (especially the larger ones) to protect your furniture from scratches!


And that’s it! Easy and adorable DIY concrete pumpkins for very little money! If you make these, let me know in the comments below how they turned out! I bet you’ll love them and want to make more!

Until next time…

how to make DIY concrete pumpkins with pantyhose and twine
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