I’ve got a great tutorial for you on how to make a wired lavender wreath. This is a great project to do with friends and family, or even as a party activity. Lavender was in full bloom up in Oregon when we visited last week! So I thought it was a perfect time to share this project with you! This lavender wreath is perfect as a summer (or even fall) decoration, and it is generally easy on allergies, too!

heart shaped lavender wreath

No lavender bush at home? No problem! You can usually find lavender at your local nursery or Trader Joe’s. Lavender is also a fairly quick growing plant! So planting your own bushes might be a good idea if you’d like to make multiple wreaths in the future (they make great gifts too)!

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

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What You’ll Need:

How to:

Step 1: Go harvest lots of lavender! Be sure to use floral scissors or shears to cut the flowers. You don’t want to be yanking the lavender out of the plant or you risk damaging the roots. It’s best to harvest the lavender in the morning before the sun hits, and before the temperatures rise. This ensures your lavender are and will remain as fragrant as possible!

Step 2: Lay materials out to start: floral wire, grapevine or other natural wreath garland, twist ties (we cut ours in half), and of course, your lavender.

materials for a DIY lavender wreath

Step 3: Gather a small bunch of lavender together, lining up the tips of the flowers together. Once you have a small bundle, use a twist tie to secure. Snip off the excess stems below the twist tie with sharp scissors.

lavender bundles secured with twist ties

Step 4: Continue making your bundles until you have used up all of your lavender.

Step 5: Next, cut about a 24″ piece of floral wire. Affix one lavender bundle to your wreath form. wrap your wire around the base of the bundle (near the twist tie), pull tight, and twist the wire several times. This will give you a good tight base to keep the lavender in place. Hold the bundle down, and wrap the wire around the bundle and the wreath together several more times. To secure, run the end of the wire through part of the wreath (this is why grapevine or similar wreaths are easiest!) a few times. Trim any excess wire.

Step 6. Repeat Step 5, and layer the top of the lavender bundle over the base of the bundle before it. This allows you to hide the twist ties! Once you get to your last bundle, you’ll tuck the base under the top of the very first bundle you attached. The last bundle is the trickiest to attach. But just apply carefully and disturb the lavender bundles as little as possible!

lavender wreath DIY tutorial

Step 7: Allow to dry, hang, and enjoy! Note that you can also spray your wreath with either hairspray or a clear polycrylic to minimize shedding, but be sure to wait until it is fully dry. Also be aware that it will likely impact the fragrance of your wreath! So you might want to consider waiting until after you’ve really enjoyed the scent to the fullest!


Let me know if this is a project you’ll be adding to your list as we close out summer (can’t believe I am even writing that!!) Before you know it, Fall will be here! And then we’ll all be chatting pumpkins, apple cider, and Halloween!

Until next time friends… happy crafting!



How to Make a Beautiful Lavender Wreath
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