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The March 2021 income report is here! If you’re reading this, you probably know my passion is teaching and empowering other content creators to go after their dreams! If you are interested in making this a business for yourself, I’d love to help! I have a free workshop for aspiring and newbie bloggers and can Register HERE! If you just happened upon this post, welcome! I’m so happy to have you and I hope you feel inspired when you finish reading!

These income reports started this year as a way for me to be transparent with YOU through the ups and downs and wins and losses of business! I’m committed to sharing how to use social media strategically to help you grow a business your truly OWN through a blog/website, and I’ll continue to share how exactly I do it! Taking the taboo our of talking money in business is also incredibly important. It’s a way WE can support and work WITH each other as content creators, changing this entire industry for the better. There is room for EVERYONE, and I don’t want you to forget it!

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Now let’s see what happened with my biz in March…


March 2021 Content Creator Income Report:

In March 2021, my total revenue was $2921.31.

As always, I redacted information about my students, account numbers, and any payments in my bank account (The first block above) that were repeat payments from my Paypal and Stripe. I also marked what category the payments came from for you for easy review. The payments marked at 60% of the total are payments split with my affiliates for my blogging course, Own Your Influence.

This months revenue was definitely heavy on my products/services – more so than ever before! That was SO exciting for me, because coaching and helping other content creators in this space is where I truly come alive! It’s that whole “it’s not work when it’s fun” gig, but to the 100th degree! If I could just teach/coach and hang with my students all day, gosh what a dream that would be!

So, I spent a LOT of February focusing on my coaching content, working with my students, and keying up some things for the next several months, so it was no surprise to me that the brand collaboration portion of income decreased significantly – it just wasn’t something I was focused on this month. My affiliate income stays about the same, which I also expected. I typically devote only a couple hours to that whole shebang each month. Why? Because affiliate income is NOT big fish here… it’s minimal and often not worth a whole lot of time and energy unless you’ve got a MEGA following… that’s when people start to see a real income from affiliate marketing).

March’s total was only about $200 less than February, which was great. Again, given the time I’ve spent kind of getting a lot of things set up on the backend of my business so that going forward I can grow at a greater rate, meant some of the time I would have spent on things like brand collabs, took a backseat. And that’s okay!

Overall, the systems I am putting in place will set me up for greater success in the long run. And that’s my first piece of big advice to you this month. Analyze your business as it currently stands. Ask yourself if there are any systems you can implement that will take some TIME and burden off your back. Can you automate a process that you are used to doing manually? Can you clean up your email inbox and create some tags and categories so it’s easier to navigate each morning? Small steps like these each month add up to something MUCH bigger over time!

Second, after only 3 months of doing these income reports myself, I have a new appreciation for the insight they are giving me in my own business! Previously, I would just do a year end tally come tax season. But not only is this process keeping me more organized, but I’m able to keep track of where things are growing or stagnating. I can more easily spot trouble spots before these become actual PROBLEMS. And it’s awesome! So no matter how small or large your biz is right now, I would encourage you to create your own income report each month. I bet they’ll inspire and drive your to do better and better!


Be sure to let me know in the comments if you have any questions about March’s income report! Or, if you have any other questions you’d like me to tackle in posts later on!

And now, for my April money mantra: *Money comes to me easily.* (Yup – mantras about money are a real thing and can help you SO much!)

Until next time!



March 2021 content creator income report
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