Happy day, friends! It’s a gloomy June day here in San Diego, so I’m hanging out inside, drinking some coffee, and getting a few work related things done! It’s also been a hot minute since I’ve gotten a blog post to y’all! So today I wanted to give y’all a little tour of our master bedroom refresh, with the biggest change of all being our new Orian Rug!

**Orian was kind enough to gift me this rug in exchange for my honest review – please see more of my Disclosure policy HERE**

But let’s start with the BEFORE shot, shall we?

I designed this space shortly after we moved in, but something didn’t feel right about it. It felt to modern farmhouse, and not enough vintage farmhouse. And the blue rug, which we purchased when we moved in about 2 years ago, just wasn’t my jam anymore.

I knew I wanted to go more neutral, more texture, more vintage. So we up and sold all our bedroom furniture, except the bed frame, and I refurbished two nightstands and a chest of drawers we already had (passed down through the family), and then another dresser I found on Facebook marketplace! Enter vintage!

cozy vintage farmhouse bedroom
Here you can see my nightstand. It’s actually the nightstand I had growing up! I sanded it down and painted everything but the gorgeous door front! Still that same blue rug though, and I just wasn’t feeling it!
And here is the chest of drawers I made over. I also painted everything except the beautiful top drawer, which helps it tie in with the nightstand as well!

I also added the old chippy windows and tin ceiling tiles over our bed, and finished it off with a eucalyptus wreath I made for about $10. We swapped out the bedding to make the space lighter and brighter, and I added some chunky throws for more of my favorite thing – TEXTURE!

And finally, the piece de le resistance! The Camille Seashell Rug from Orian Rugs! And y’all, I truly have nothing but amazing things to say about this rug – it truly made our master bedroom refresh a thousand times better than I ever imagined!

Orian rugs camille seashell rug styled in neutral vintage farmhouse style bedroom
It is the PERFECT neutral base for our room, but has just enough interest to be anything but boring!

First of all, this is an indoor/outdoor rug. How on earth it is SOFTER than our old strictly indoor rug, I have no idea, but Orian nailed it! The rug is also stain resistant, non-shedding, and made in the USA to boot! I just love supporting companies with US made goods!

Orian Rug Camille Seashell rug in vintage farmhouse master bedroom
Napa is a big fan of this relaxing space!

When the rug first got to us, I couldn’t wait to unroll it! So naturally, I also convinced hubby to help me lay it out in the living room (because getting our old rug out from under our bed wasn’t going to happen until the weekend). And YOU. GUYS. It literally took everything in me to move it to our bedroom because I LOVED the look of it in our living room so much! It truly is the perfect neutral rug, that also is a total showstopper.

Orian rugs Camille Seashell rug syled in vintage farmhouse living room with horse book mural on the wall
It looks stunning in every space! Such a great staple rug!

See what I mean? I absolutely love it – but even more, hubby loves it too, which is saying a LOT (he can be picky)! I cannot recommend this rug enough, and we are so thrilled that we finally have the piece that pulls together out entire bedroom. If you are interested in purchasing this rug as well, you can head HERE – it’s available in multiple sizes, as well as a beautiful navy color as well.

I’d say our master bedroom refresh was a huge success – we now have a calm, relaxing, neutral space to retreat to at the end of a long day, and it’s one that feels so much more “us” than it did before! Tell me, is your bedroom ready for a mini-facelift, too?!

Until next time, friends!