It’s Week 2 of ORC! Welcome! To recap, if you have never heard of the ORC before, it is a 6 week challenge sponsored by One Room Challenge and Better Homes & Gardens. It encourages all participants to rally behind one another to tackle a one room makeover in just 6 weeks! There are 20 Featured Designers, who reveal their rooms every Wednesday, and then loads of amazing Guest Participants, who link up their rooms each Thursday! So excited to be a Guest Participant for the second time (We remodeled our kitchen in the Spring).

As far as this challenge goes, we are renovating our Master Bath.  If you missed last week’s post, check it out here:

| Week 1 |

This week, I got a TON done.  Honestly, I cant even believe how much I tackled.  I will say, my back, feet, wrists (basically my entire body) are paying for it now! 😛

Here is what I tackled from the To Do List:

  • Tile shower and mirror wall
  • Grout tile and seal/caulk
  • Install new floor tiles
  • Install barn door
  • Install wallpaper in water closet (Well, ALMOST done here – waiting on our contractor to come patch a giant hole in the wall!
  • Spray paint sink fixtures and reinstall
  • Have contractor return to install shower fixtures
  • Paint cabinets (we’ll be using Giani, Inc. cabinet paint)
  • Paint countertops (also with a kit from Giani, Inc.)
  • Paint floors (I’ll be using a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils)
  • Install new cabinet hardware
  • Install new shower rod and towel hooks
  • Install new doorknobs
  • Install trim on water closet door and paint
  • Fix baseboards (some were ruined during the tub demo and install)
  • Remove closet door and install curtain
  • Install new light fixture
  • Style and photograph!

Okay so looking at the list it doesn’t seem like much, but the tiling/grouting was a BEAST, y’all! And while my husband helped me cut the tiles I needed cut with the tile saw, I did the entire rest of the project all by myself! So ladies, YES. YOU. CAN!

Here is the niche halfway done – the grout really adds SO much – we chose charcoal grout for optimum contrast!

amber bottles bathroom shower niche

Y’all know I had to style it! Can’t wait to use these pretty Amber bottles instead of the ugly shampoo/conditioner bottles from the store! I think they add a touch of luxury, don’t ya think?

DIY master bathroom shower tile

And here is the entire space! I cannot believe how much taller the space looks!

I also got 75% of the wallpaper up in the water closet.  It wasn’t going so well at first, but a dear friend of mine, Emily (you can find here AMAZING wood signs HERE!), gave me a much needed pep talk along with a couple tips, and after that I was cruising!  It really should only take me another hour or so to finish the entire room once the hole in the wall is patched (assuming I don’t run out of wallpaper, because go figure, the paper I ordered less than two weeks ago is now “Not Available” on Target’s website).

The barn door was supposed to go up this past weekend, but we are having issues with the company who sent it – they sent the correct length track, but not the correct hardware to attach it.  But what would the ORC be without a hiccup, or five? #amiright?!

The wallpaper is from the Hearth & Hand line at Target – I LOVE it! It is pre-pasted so you just wet it down completely, “book it” (seen here), and then install!

And here is the room as it looks now! I can’t wait until it is completely done!

And that’s really all for you this week! It seems like so little when I post it here, but it literally took me FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS! So now I think I’ll go have some bread and beer because this girl needs her carbs back!

Oh, but if you are looking for a tile tutorial, feel free to go check out my backsplash tutorial – it is virtually identical to what I did here, just on a smaller scale.  One thing I highly recommend is labelling your tiles and your walls if you decide to cut them in large batches; this way you won’t be playing a giant (and super hard!) game of Tetris trying to figure out where they are supposed to go once you get them all cut! With glossy ceramic tiles like subway, you can write right on the tiles with a sharpie (the sharpie will come off easily with water – i.e. when you grout!).  If you are using other types or porous tile (like the marble arabesque tile I used in the niche), make sure you label the BACK of your tiles, because the sharpie won’t come off!

That’s all for this week folks! Next week will be kind of a sparse week because we are heading to AZ for the weekend! But not to worry, I’ll still have a fun post for y’all next week, too! 🙂  And remember to follow along with all the other participants at the One Room Challenge Blog Page HERE!



P.S. I post loads of updates on my Instagram throughout the week, so feel free to follow me there for more!