Hey hey friends! Spring has sprung around the Fiddle Leaf House! Y’all probably know by now that I am a constant rearranger, and if you can believe it (BELIEVE IT!), I’ve already gone through two iterations of my Spring mantel decor!  And today I’m going to share both versions with you!  I’ve got a ton of friends also sharing their Spring decor on their blogs today as well (head to the bottom of this post to head to their blogs!), so be sure to check them out for loads of inspo as we head into this cheery season!

The best part about these looks is I didn’t spend a lot of money, I kept several things the same, and they each achieve a Spring look without going overboard on things like fresh florals or whatever current trend is happening!  I used items I had or made, and I love how each look turned out!

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Look One:

First up, is what my fireplace mantel decor looks like right NOW!  Honestly, it’s one of my favorite looks I’ve ever created in the space – it feels so simplistic yet festive for Spring.  The easy DIY eucalyptus garland added a ton of texture to the space, while also remaining simple and elegant at the same time.

spring mantel styling with fresh eucalyptus, wood beads, and vintage amber bottles on each end

I added wood beads that I had on hand from two Christmases ago (shop your house y’all!) to give more interest and dimension to the space.  The amber bottles on either side add a pop of color too! I tend to gravitate toward odd numbers, so three bottles it was!

spring mantel styling with eucalyptus

The eucalyptus, beads, and bottles add all of this yummy texture, creating a ton of visual interest to the space without it being overwhelming or a lot of STUFF.

To really emphasize SPRING, I hung a vintage floral painting onto a vintage mirror above the mantel.  Again, layering gives you texture, and texture adds coziness, and coziness makes home even homier!  Any chance I get to layer things, I do!

eucalyptus garland on reclaimed wood mantel spring fireplace decor


My knitted blanket and pillow in a crock on the hearth is pretty standard for me no matter the season, I just swap out the blanket and pillow depending on the vibe I’m going for.  Here, the white throw keeps things more neutral, while the green adds a pop of color and creates cohesiveness with the green in the eucalyptus.  You can see a bit of my basket wall above the dry sink over on the left as well – the brown/orange tones tie together with the amber bottles and beads as well.  When styling, try to create balance with colors for an even more beautiful space.

The eucalyptus garland is made from real eucalyptus that will dry and last about 6-8 weeks, but you could use faux eucalyptus stems as well if you wanted something to last longer.  I used simple floral wire to connect it all together.


Look Two:

Next is my Spring mantel from a couple of weeks ago! At that point, I was struggling with what direction I wanted to go with my Spring decor.  I saw a beautiful painting of a barn online, and decided I’d try to recreate it myself. So I bought a canvas and some watercolors and went to town! I used gesso and some wood stain to age the painting once I was done, and some timple pine boards to frame it out.

painting of barn sitting on reclaimed wood mantel

The canvas spoke for itself, so I kept everything else rather simple, with a few brass candlesticks and a $2.99 vase from Ikea that looks like it actually came out of an antique store!  Visually, triangle shapes are more pleasing to the eye, so I worked in groups of three on either side of the canvas, and then each grouping plus the canvas itself makes one big group of three. You’re eye moves from the group of three candlesticks on the left, up to the taller canvas, back down to the grouping of three on the right – one big visually stunning triangle!

basket wall and farm painting on reclaimed wood mantel

You can see my basket wall remains the same, and I just swapped out the pillow on the crock for an even more neutral base.  The two looks are completely different, but as you can see, you don’t have to swap out EVERYTHING in order to get a nice change!

spring mantel decor with farm painting

So tell me friends, which look is your fave? Are you ready to tackle your spring mantel decor head on! Anything else you want to know?  If so, let me know in the comments below and we can chat about it!

For even more inspo, you can watch a quick styling video of Look 2 here:

Happy styling!





spring mantel styling

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