The April income report is here! And ooooof. We took a bit of a dive in April, didn’t we? And you know why? Because I SLACKED.

April Income Report

Yup. I admit it! And it happens. The key is not that it happened though, it’s recognizing that it did and making shifts to change it – which I have already implemented. So here’s so a more profitable May and June!

And guess what? I still count April as a HUGE success.

Why? Because profit does not = success for me. Learning and growing is what I count to be success; profit is often just a great side effect. And in April, I learned SO much. I’ll talk about this more in a bit, but for now, let’s get to the profit breakdown!

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So you can see where I really took a hit here – brand collabs. I did have a $500 payment due, but it was delayed to May, which sometimes happens. That said, I really slacked on pitching brands in March, which set me up for a big goose egg for April brand collab revenue.

100% my own fault. I recognized this issue about 10 days into April, and I worked quickly to remedy it. I know have about 2K in brand collabs set up through June. And instead of resting on that upcoming profit (which is what I did in March), I have penciled in at least 2 hours each week to pitch brands going forward. This ensures I consistently have this revenue coming in.

One thing I will say – I only pitch brands I already use and love or that have been recommended to me by friends or family. I am VERY picky about who I work with because I never want to sacrifice my integrity or connection with my audience for dollars. Because of that, I focus on landing one or two HIGH TICKET collabs each month, instead of multiple smaller projects. Quality over quantity here, for sure.

As a content creator, keep that in mind as you grow and pitch brands. Two higher paying collaborations with brands you love usually means bigger profit AND less work than trying to get lots of lower paying projects.

What I learned as a Content Creator & Entrepreneur in April

My biggest two lessons from April are these:

  2. Success does not equal profit.

Keep Going.

I am convinced that these lesson is and can be hard for entrepreneurs at EVERY level. Why? Because we have certain standards and expectations we place on ourselves, and when we don’t meet those, we feel like a failure. But one low month of profit does not mean I failed. It means I learned what DIDN’T work and what I needed to adjust to optimize profit again. And by continuing to march forward, one step at a time, this one low month literally means I have exactly what it takes to succeed in this industry!

We all doubt ourselves sometimes, especially when things don’t go exactly as planned. But I encouraged you to keep walking on your path – keep running your race. You may have slowed down, but you haven’t quit, and that’s what matters most.

Success does not equal Profit.

And Lesson 1 leads perfectly into Lesson 2. I teach my students this in my courses Own Your Influence and 3X Your Impact, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a month like April to give me a good reminder of my own advice!

The second you prioritize profit as your number one success metric, you have already failed. Profit and dollars come second. Service and connection to your community come first. ALWAYS.

And a lot of times, if your profit takes a nose dive, you slacked on something in your business when it comes to your community and audience. For me, it was mostly in the brand collab department (because YES! as a blogger and content creator, brands and companies ARE part of my audience and community!!).

I also noticed I was slacking in reaching out to potential partners for my blogging course because networking literally scares the crap out of me. When it comes down to it, I am an introvert, and it’s really difficult for me to reach out to strangers on the internet. But you know what they say about your comfort zone…. you’ll never achieve the life or your dreams or your true potential in this world if you continue to live in it forever!


Bottom Line.

I kicked April’s butt! Yup, it was a super successful month because I learned a TON. And having that mindset (one of abundance) instead of telling myself I failed or I’m not worthy or any other multitude of negative things that I see so many of y’all telling yourself, is exactly what will continue to propel me forward in the months ahead!

I so hope this littler deep dive pep talk/income report for April was helpful for you! 🤪

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop them below! And if you want in on my Blogging Course for Content Creators, give me a shout! I’m looking for 10 new creators to join us this month to create major shifts in their blogging business! Will one of those 10 be YOU?!

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See you in a month for May’s income report!



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