easy diy summer wreath with magnolia stems

This beautiful summer wreath cost me ZERO dollars, y’all! I just used materials I had on hand and threw it together in under 20 minutes and I just LOVE it. Even if you needed to snag a few materials from the store, it should cost less than $25 and it is completely customizable. Throw in an American flag and your wreath is ready to go for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, too! Plus, I’m guessing you probably have some faux florals lying around in your garage or Monica closet (anyone else have one of these?) somewhere that you can use, too. So go take a look and bust out what you’ve got! No need to spend lots of money to make this DIY happen!


materials needed for easy summer wreath DIY - grapevine wreath, assorted florals and greenery

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Summer Wreath Materials:

How to Assemble Your Summer Wreath:

Step 1: First, cut apart your greenery if needed so that you have ONE main stem. This is what you will insert and weave into the grapevine wreath.

cutting apart greenery with wire cutters for easy summer wreath DIY

Step 2: Decide where you want your greenery oriented on your summer wreath. I love the asymmetrical look, so that’s what I decided to go for here. Weave your FAUX greenery in through the grapevine until you like how it looks. I always weave my greenery in towards a center point from both directions. If needed, you can secure any loose pieces with a small piece of floral wire.

Step 3: Now decide where you’d like your florals to go. I chose to place mine in the center of the greenery. If your flowers have longer stems, you can weave those through the grapevine wreath just like you did with the greenery. If that’s not working (sometimes the stems are just too thick), trim your stems and then weave through. You can also use floral wire to attach the florals if necessary. This will make them nice and secure.

PRO TIP: It often helps to hang your wreath up as you are working to decide on placement of florals. It will help you visually orient how the wreath will look once it’s hung much more than while it’s laying down.

Step 4: Once your florals are attached, poke in some fresh eucalyptus to add a more realistic look. I use eucalyptus in almost everything because it really elevates faux greenery and florals to the next level. I snag my eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s!


Step 5: Adjust and hang!

And that’s it for this easy summer wreath! You can throw in an American flag if you like for a little patriotic touch. Come see the final version of this beauty and how I styled her up NEXT week on the blog when I share a fun Summer Fireplace look with some of my best blogger friends!

In the meantime, if you are looking for some Summertime inspiration, check out my DIY marketlight posts, my DIY planter box, and my DIY outdoor bar! These projects are sure to get you in the mood for those backyard BBQs and warm summer nights!

Until next time!



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