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Our mini bedroom makeover is DONE! And I am sooooo stinkin’ excited to share it with you! This space FINALLY, after four years, feels like US! Can I get an amen?! So let’s dive right in!

I spent a bit more than I initially intended, and 75% of that money went to our new sconces. I just couldn’t find something I LOVED for less, and if there is ONE thing I’ve learned while decorating our home it’s this – Buy what you love. And if you can’t afford it at that moment, WAIT, save, and buy it later. If you purchase something you don’t love just to fill the void, you end up spending wayyyyyy more in the long run. Trust me, I’m still spending $$$ undoing the mistakes I’ve made.


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Because most of the major renovations in our home are done, I was able to splurge a bit on the sconces, so I went for it. (You could easily tackle a similar makeover for half the cost with less expensive scones, which you can find easily.) All in all, I spent just under $450 on this refresh, and I really only purchased two things – the sconces and our new bed quilt.

It WASN’T in our budget to purchase a new bed frame I loved (because yup, picked something that wasn’t perfect 4 years ago just to buy something), so I instead decided to give it a makeover. Maybe you saw my recent post where I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to completely transform our fabric bed frame from blah to fabulous?! If not, definitely go check it out!

Bedroom Makeover: The Before

Our bedroom has just never felt quite “right.” Does that ever happen to you? I never much worried about it since it wasn’t a space anyone except hubby and I saw regularly. But as I’ve started adding more color into the rest of our home, I had a lightbulb moment when it came to our bedroom. It never felt right because it was just blah. As my design style has developed in this home, i’ve realized that while I love looking at neutral decor (it really can be SO dreamy!), it’s just not what I love for OUR home. And hubby feels the same.

Before this mini bedroom makeover, everything just sort of blended together. And even though many times neutral can feel “spa like,” it just wasn’t feeling the retreat I imagined in my head. And every bedroom should be a retreat from the heaviness of world, right?

I think our bedroom has gone through the MOST changes of any room in our house actually. And it was because I just couldn’t get it quite right. So I was constantly tweaking. And tweaking…. and tweaking… and…. well, you get the ides!

neutral bedroom decor

Bedroom Makeover: The After

Enter, COLOR! And finally, this room feels RIGHT! It feels luxe, chic, and much more cozy! If you’ve been here awhile, you know that my go to color is green. I love the natural feel of it, and it really goes with everything in the same way neutrals do (at least in my mind)!

So I knew I wanted to paint our bedframe a beautiful sage green. I mixed Annie Sloan Antibes Green, Olive, and just a touch of Louis Blue, and I love how it turned out!

colorful bedroom makeover

Our headboard is low profile, so the added color is simultaneously bold but subtle. I moved an authentic Turkish rug we had in our living room up into the bedroom, and it beautifully brings all the colors together!

This gorgeous rust colored velvet bed quilt is from Target, and the King size was only $89 plus tax, which for a large bed quilt, is actually quite inexpensive. I kept the same ticking stripe duvet and shams we’ve had for awhile, which is from Wayfair (and we love it!).

I painted art for our DIY TV Cover (tutorial here), and it’s the perfect touch for Spring! The black and gold Lamps Plus sconces are truly my favorite addition – they are bold AND practical! Because we have such small nightstands, this gives us more space for things like water, cell phones, books, etc. Or of course, for a beautiful flower arrangement like you see here! The conces are plug in and dimmable. I purchased add on cord covers so they have a very clean and sophisticated look. If you don’t mind the cords hanging, you could shave $40 off your makeover cost!

I also DIYed a cheapie plastic vase that has been sitting in our garage forever. I’ll get a tutorial up on that ASAP, but it definitely doesn’t look like plastic anymore!

upcycled plastic vase to look like pottery

I added some dried hydrangeas that came out of our yard last year (yes! then can save for a long time!) to the vase, and voila! Bedroom makeover complete.

Bedroom Makeover Cost breakdown:

  • Sconces & Cord Covers: $298
  • Paint: ~$38 (each can of Annie Sloan paint was $37.99 and I purchase 3 to mix a custom color, but I only used about one total can, so I prorated this since I have a ton of paint left for other projects in the future)
  • King Sized Quilt: $97
  • Art: $9


Many of the exact items I’ve used here are linked for you, along with some very similar ones as well. Some things, like my wooden mirror, are vintage, so I’m unable to source them for ya! But it’s a great reminder that you can also shop your home or find really inexpensive items for a fun refresh in your home at local thrift shops or places like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace!

Whether you love this bedroom makeover or preferred the neutral look, I hope the one thing you took for this post is to DO YOU! Decorate your home in the way that makes YOU and your family happy. Just because you love looking at a certain type of decor in someone else’s home, doesn’t mean you’ll love living in it and looking at every single day. Buy what you love (and save/wait for it if needed), and you can never go wrong when decorating your home sweet home!

Love y’all and see ya soon!



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