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I am so excited to be celebrating 1,000 amazing Fiddle Leaf Blog subscribers with my absolute favorite company to work with – Ruggable! Ruggable and I are partnering to share their amazing washable rugs with the Fiddle Leaf Fam, including an exclusive discount count! ? Keep reading to see exactly why I love this company and their incredible washable rugs so much!

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Our first Ruggable rug arrived back in 2019 for our home office renovation, and from that moment on, I was hooked! We have a Ruggable rug in almost every room of our home now, plus on our patio!


machine washable rugs from ruggable - styled in farmhouse office space

One of the biggest reasons we chose Ruggable was that cutie patootie pup you see above – she can be MESSY! She tracks in dirt on her paws, and has a bad habit of licking EVERYTHING, yes, floors and rugs included. That might seem cute at first, but eventually there is a not so lovely kind of off color splotch everywhere she decides needs a good lick bath… not exactly the aesthetic I was going for, if you know what I mean.

Enter Ruggable and their washable rugs. Now dirty paws and slobber marks are o match for our rugs. We just throw them in the washing machine, hang to dry, and they are good as new! Having Ruggable rugs in our house really makes our entire home feel more clean as well. Traditional rugs collect dirt that you really can never fully remove, so being able to toss our Ruggable rugs in the wash has been a total game changer.

I am also someone who LOVES change in our home, and that goes for our rugs as well. Prior to Ruggable, I was storing multiple giant rugs in the garage, and things got a bit out of hand. But now, with Ruggable rugs, I can just fold up the covers and store them in our linen closet! So now I have so many rug topper options to change things up seasonally, or whenever I get bored! Because Ruggable rugs are a two part system, I already have the Ruggable pads I need and I can just purchase new covers to swap things out (which is WAY more affordable than purchasing traditional rugs, by the way!)

ruggable rug
Our latest kitchen rug is the Hendesi Heriz Garnet Ruggable rug, and I’m in love!

Ruggable also has outdoor/patio rugs now, which is amazing for making our outdoor dining space feel a bit more cozy, and a lot more clean! Now I can sit and eat dinner at our outdoor dining table with bare feet! And the concept is the same – just pull up the cover and throw in the wash when you feel you need to. We wash our patio rug anytime we plan to have company over for an outdoor meal, and it works great!

ruggable outdoor rug

Ruggable rugs really are our absolute favorite, and I know I will continue to support this amazing company for years to come! The value in having a rug you do not have to worry about spilling on or getting dirty from pets or kiddos is amazing! And as you can see, Napa loves them!

Ruggable also has a new cushioned pad system for those of you with kiddos or who just want a bit more padding underfoot. I have not personally tested the cushioned pad system yet, but it’s on my list for sure! That said, the regular pad has been perfect for our lifestyle, and the covers are soft to the touch and the patterns are even more beautiful in person than on Ruggable’s website.

The Hudson Stripe Red Ruggable Rug was just PERFECT for our Christmas decor this past year!

The rug below – the Samira Suzani Imari Rug – is our latest addition, and I am IN LOVE! Changing up the look throughout our home is just so dang fun! And Ruggable makes it easy and practical, too! I really cannot sing this company’s praises enough, and I hope you love them just as much as we do!

ruggable rug in living room with book wall art of horse on wall | fiddle leaf interiors
The Samira Suzani Imari Ruggable Rug is even more beautiful in person!

And finally, ya’ll the best part! Ruggable and I are celebrating Fiddle Leaf Blogs 1K subscribers with an exclusive discount just for you! Use code FUNFIDDLELEAF10 for 10% off your next Ruggable purchase. And then, comment below to tell me what style you chose and how much you love it, because I promise, you will! All of the amazing washable rugs featured in this post are also linked for your shopping convenience! Have fun!


I can’t wait to see what you choose! 🙂



Why washable  Ruggable Rugs are our favorite new rug system! | Fiddle Leaf Interiors
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