valentines day mantel decorations

It’s my second Valentine decorations post, y’all! I can’t wait to show you this simple recipe for adding Valentine decorations to your home – the easy and affordable way!


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What You’ll Need:

  • various heart garlands (you can purchase or make your own – I’ve linked some of my favorites and the exact paper garland I used in this post!)
  • taper candles
  • your favorite candlestick holders
  • eucalyptus
  • red or pink roses
  • a large floral art piece with red/pinks/purples (thrift stores and GoodWill are great places to find seasonal art, or you can make your own as well, which is what I did)

How to Infuse Valentine Decorations on a Budget:

My favorite go to for smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day are garlands. They make a statement, are easy/small to store, and are inexpensive to buy or make. I have several I’ve collected and kept over the years, and I love switching it up depending on the vibe I’m going for!

On the left is a garland my mom actually used when I was little. I just love keeping decorations that bring that wonderful sense of nostalgia. And on the right, are two new garlands I purchased this year on Etsy (the paper heart ones), and my larger homemade cornstarch heart garland that I made last year. Layering different garlands is a great way to add texture and interest to a space. And because they’re easy to make or buy inexpensively, you can collect several options to choose from each year!

Next, nothing says romance quite like candles. I honestly use candles year round, but that image of a romantic candlelit dinner is probably the strongest for a holiday like Valentines Day! Add a few taper candles to your Valentine decorations and you’re already a step in the right direction to bringing those vibes of love into your home!

valentines day mantel decor

And what says Valentines Day more than flowers, am I right?! Grab your favorite florals from your local supermarket, or use your favorite faux flowers, and then throw in some eucalyptus for an instantly chic bouquet. Even with pink and red florals alone, your home can have a beautiful touch of Valentines Day.

red roses and eucalyptus valentines bouquet

Lastly, I made my own large art piece with the saturated pinks and reds that I envisioned for my valentine decorations this year. If you remember, I made my DIY Shim Wall Art a few weeks back, which I used as the background for this painting. I thought it would be more fun and interesting than a traditional canvas, and I was right!

I watched a quick YouTube video on how to paint basic florals, and then I just went for it! It’s only paint, and you can always tweak things until you are happy. Painting for me is very cathartic and relaxing, so this was a fun project, and I’m OBSESSED with how it turned out! What do you think?

mantel valentines decorations

Decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be intense or expensive. Small touches make all the difference! I have some other budget friendly valentine’s tips HERE, and you can see our downstairs valentine decorations this year HERE.

And that’s it friends! Some easy to follow Valentine’s decor inspiration for you! Grab some florals, candles, a statement art piece and your favorite garlands, and that’s it! Easy and affordable, but still beautiful and festive!


Let me know some of your favorite ways to decorate for the day of love in the comments below!

See you next time!



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