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I didn’t use to add Valentines day decorations in our home – mostly because I felt like so much of it was cheesy and aimed at little kids (aka all the BRIGHT red and HOT pink stuff). It just didn’t seem to “go” with my vibe, ya know? But a few years ago, I started bringing in subtle valentines touches, with more of a vintage vibe, and now it’s a holiday I truly LOVE decorating for!

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I’m specifically sharing the valentines day decorations I added to our downstairs today, but come back in the next week or so for some upstairs valentines day inspo, too!


I recently made some DIY wall art using wood shims, knowing that I would be using it as the backdrop for some gorgeous red transferware I found on Etsy! BTW – vintage transferware is FAR less expensive than traditional white ironstone, in large part because it’s not as sought after. I got 16 different plates including a matching set of 6, all for under $150. The best thing about red transferware in particular is that you can use it in your Valentines day decorations, Christmas decorations, AND July 4th decorations! It’s truly a triple threat!

Crazy for Hearts on the Mantel

I’ve long been inspired by my friend Katie at Baket Nest and this gorgeous wreath she made out of her own red transferware plates. So I set out to create my own, using my shim wall art as a backdrop.

I couldn’t decide which arrangement I liked best, so I FaceTimed my mom to enlist her help. (My mom is where I get my love for decor!) Like the genius she is, she told me to try to make it into a HEART shape, because DUH, it’s Valentine’s Day! So I did just that!

red transferware plate wreath with greenery

I added in some of my faux cedar greenery from Christmas, because it still is winter afterall!

First, I first hung my DIY wall art up above our fireplace. Then I used small nails that I installed straight into the shims to hang the plates onto. They are all hung with regular ol’ plate hangers! I then poked the greenery in with no problem, and voila!

valentines day mantel decorations with vintage touches

I decided to keep my pampas grass on the mantel because I’m really loving the texture and softness it brings to the space. Next, I layered two heart garlands because obviously, my theme is hearts here! I made the bottom garland last year, and the top garland my mom gifted me several years back. They are both a beautiful, soft and feminine touch to the space. Quite honestly, I’m pretty obsessed with how beautiful this spot turned out! (P.S. Napa says HI!!!)

Subtle Valentines Day Touches

Next, I tackled the theatre seat/message board space. I had some leftover transferware plates, so I hung those up to keep the entire downstairs cohesive. They really pop against the white shiplap, too!

valentines day decorations vintage inspired

I added one of my favorite quotes about love from the movie Rent. (Definitely a Top 5 movie, plus I saw the real deal on Broadway back in 2009, right before it closed – fun fact – total theatre nerd over here!) The space feels soft and feminine with the addition of a vintage quilt and an embroidered heart pillow my mom made when I was little.

What I love most about this space is that it shows you don’t need to have TONS of decor to make a space feel festive. The only “true” Valentines day items here are the heart pillow and the little vintage valentine hanging from the top of the letterboard. Otherwise, I just threw in some pops of red/pink, along with my red transferware that is truly so multi-purpose that it’s value really can’t be beat! I also love that the transferware brings in the vintage element, and makes the space an ELEGANT form of valentines decor, rather than the more typical in your face day of love decor!

vintage valentines day decor

So bottom line – If you shop your home, I bet you can find some items that will FEEL very Valentines Day chic, especially once you throw in a heart or too!

Bring in the florals!

And lastly, another great way to bring in all the valentines day vibes, is with beautiful florals! Real or faux do the trick here, just choose them in a traditional light pink, fuschia, red, or burgundy tone, and you’re good to go!

And as you can see, I do have one bit of loud in your decoration. My Target Dollar spot Xs and hearts tic tac toe is too cute not to put out! But because the rest of my decor is understated, I love the little pop of bright and fun added in!


Ultimately, you should decorate for Valentine’s day in whatever way brings JOY to you! It’s YOU who lives in your home with your people, not anyone else! So do you, friend! But if you’re also looking for some vintage inspired and understated valentines day decorations, I hope this post brought you lots of inspiration!

I’ll see you next week for a few more ideas after I decorate upstairs! Can’t wait to share with you soon!

Until then…



vintage inspired Valentine's Day decorations | Fiddle Leaf Interiors
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