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Is your Christmas tree just not tall enough for your space? Maybe you moved to a new home and your old tree just isn’t cutting it with taller ceilings or more space?

Not to worry, I’ve got the Christmas hack of all Christmas hacks for you today. And the best part? It’s completely FREE.

Our 9′ flocked Christmas tree was looking a little short to me this year. I’ve used it in the past in this same space, but because we have a couple chairs sitting in front of it this year, it seems to visually shrink.

And I lost a good chunk of the ornaments (the BEST part) because the chairs were blocking them.

So I decided to give the tree a bit of a boost this year!

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Christmas Hacks – Add 2-3′ to Your Christmas Tree

All you need for this hack is a few pallets from your local hardware store, and some old blankets or sheets to protect your floors.

I went to Walmart and Home Depot before some kind men at Lowe’s said I could take a few pallets home for free.

Word of caution: Be SURE to ask to take pallets behind any store! Otherwise its stealing, and I’ll have non of that Grinch like behavior here! 😉

I grabbed one large pallet and two small pallets, loaded them into my Kia, and happily drove home.

Mind you, it was about 90 degrees out when I did this back in October, so I was happy, bit also WHEW! What a workout!

First we laid the big pallet down in the corner, wrapped in an old blanket to protect the floors. I then laid a white blanket on top to cover the colors and give a “snow like” effect.

We put the tree on top of the one pallet and it just wasn’t quite tall enough. Good thing I snagged the two little ones too!

christmas hacks: how to make your tree look taller for free

Two pallets was just the ticket! I then added the final little pallet under my second shorter tree so it wouldn’t pale in size comparison to the big one.

Add your tree skirts on top of the pallets and voila! Your trees just got MAJORLY taller!


I wish I had taken a before picture of how short the tree looked before the pallets, but alas, I failed on that one. But the pallets are each about 8 inches or so tall, so I added a good foot+ to the tree height. Because the tree topper surpases our second story windows, it somehow looks even taller.

When I polled my audience on Instagram, 75% of them guessed the tree was 11-12′ tall. Wowza!

If that’s not a Christmas hack, I don’t know what is!

Tell me in the comments if you’ll be immediately running to your local hardware store for some pallets for your tree!

And I’d love to know any other fun Christmas hacks you use around the holidays!

And for more Christmas inspiration, go check out my DIY ornament wreaths and my vintage inspired fireplace!

Until next time…

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