I’ve never spent less on my Christmas Gift wrap than this year. And I’ve honestly never loved how it turned out more!

I love giving gifts and I love opening presents, which is why I love giving a little extra attention to each package. To me, gift wrapping is part of the love poured into each gift.

Hand drawing gingerbread houses on my classic brown paper wrapping this year may have taken a bit longer than just wrapping with store-bought paper, but they just FEEL so special! Plus, I used my Christmas gift wrap supplies from last year and didn’t have to buy anything new except the Sharpie paint pens!

I sat down to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, poured a glass of wine, wrapped, and made an event of it!

So if you haven’t wrapped those presents yes and you’re looking to add that extra special touch to your Christmas gift wrap this year, look no further!

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What You’ll Need for Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Wrap:

  • White Sharpie paint pens (I used 2 sizes)
  • Brown Butcher Paper (we always have this on hand for projects, so I just grabbed our from the garage)
  • Assorted yarn or ribbon
  • Gift tags
  • Greenery sprigs
  • Scotch Tape
vintage christmas gift wrap

How to Create Your Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Wrap:

Step 1: Wrap your gifts as normal in your brown butcher paper.

brown paper packages ties up with string - christmas gift wrap - gingerbread houses

Step 2: Use your paint pens to draw a gingerbread house straight onto the wrapping. For smaller gifts, I covered the whole face of the package. For larger gifts, I stuck to one side for my house (or church, etc). This way, your ribbon or yard won’t cover up your cute designs.

It did take a couple of coats for the paint pens to really stand out, so yes, it does take a bit of time. You can look online for gingerbread house ideas for inspiration for your drawings! I added some “snow” around the houses as well.

Step 3: Allow your packages to dry for about 5 minutes.

Step 4: Then tie your packages with your choice of yarn or ribbon. I was going for that colorful vintage look (you know “brown paper packages tied up with string”), so I chose yarn!

On your small packages, tie your yarn/ribbon up and around the sides so you can still see your gingerbread house. And on the large packages, tie over to the side.

Step 5: Add some greenery if you’d like and your gift tag, and you’re all set! Display under your tree and enjoy the magic of watching your loved ones open a gift you truly poured your heart into, from the inside out! 🙂

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And voila! There you have it! Sweet little gingerbread house packages!

What does your Christmas gift wrap look like this year? Have you added this project to your list?

Let me know below!

Until next time…

gingerbread house christmas gift wrap

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