DIY Anthropologie inspired Christmas village wreath

I knew I had to create a DIY Christmas Village Wreath the second I saw Anthropologie trying to sell one for $198!! Ummmm.. NO. And honestly, I think I like mine better than the Anthro version! I spent less than $42 on the materials, which I break down for you at the end of the post! Though keep in mind, I had many of the materials like a glue gun, acrylic paint, cotton balls etc, already on hand (and I’m guessing you probably do, too!)

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Here’s the inspo:

Beautiful, but not $198 beautiful, right? So let’s create our own!

DIY Christmas Village Wreath – What You’ll Need:

DIY Christmas Village Wreath – How To:

Step 1: Fluff your wreath. As you do this, pull the branches either toward the outer part or inner part of the wreath, away from the top/center. This will give you a much better base to glue your houses and trees on.

diy anthro inspired wreath for christmas

Step 2: Lay out your houses onto the wreath however you like. As you do this, decide what colors and what houses you want to paint, or not. I quickly marked my houses with a dab of the paint I wanted to use on each to make it easier to remember!

DIY Christmas House Wreath

Step 3: Paint your houses however you like. I stuck with the Anthro colors because it matches my vintage Christmas decor, but the best part about this project is you can completely customize it to your own decor!

A lot of my houses were already glittered, but I just painted right over that. While my paint was wet I added a bit of glitter on top to make them sparkle again. (This is actually optional though, as I ended up adding fake snow on top of all the houses at the end that has an irridescant quality to it, so you really can’t see the glitter much.) Allow everything to dry.

Step 4 (optional): I couldn’t find any cream colored bottle brush trees when shopping for this project and I knew I wanted that color on my wreath, so I took a few of my bottle brush trees outside and sprayed them a creamy white.

Step 5: Once everything was dry, I arranged the houses on my wreath again. Once I liked the look, I hot glued all of the houses down. Lots of hot glue here, y’all! Now, repeat with your little bottle brush trees. I also added mini wooded trees from the dollar tree. The Anthro wreath didn’t have any wooden trees but I thought it gave a total Anthro vibe, and I got 8 trees for $1.25, so… winning!

Step 6: Now take 8 cotton balls and gently pull them apart a bit. Add one to the bottom of each house and hot glue carefully. This creates the snow just like in the Anthro wreath, and I’m guessing you probably have a bag of these in your bathroom already!

DIY Christmas Village Wreath Anthropologie inspired adding snow with cotton balls

Step 7: At this point my houses were looking a bit too bright and garish. So I mixed up a creamy white and very watered down paint mixture and added a few coats to each house until I liked the way they looked.

DIY Christmas Village Wreath Anthropologie inspired

Step 8: Next I added some basic white school glue to my paint mixture and painted one more coat onto the frotn of each house. While wet, I threw on some faux snow from the dollar tree. This added SO much and really made the wreath look like the Anthro version! I also added some faux snow to a couple of the cotton balls, but not all. You can get creative here and make your wreath look exactly how you want!

Step 9: I let everything dry for about 15 minutes. I then took my wreath outside and used my gold gilding adhesive/sealer to spray everything down. This really made all of the fake snow and glitter really stick, so don’t skip this part.

Step 10: Once dry, I wove in some fairy lights that are battery powered and have a timer. And that’s it!

DIY Christmas Village Wreath Anthropologie inspired adding lights

What do you think?! I haven’t styled her yet, but once I do, I’ll come back and add some photos! I just love her so much, and what a great afternoon project to get into the Christmas spirit!


If you decided to create a DIY Christmas Village Wreath yourself, I’d love to see! Comment below or email me so I can see your creation!

So many more Christmas DIY’s coming your way this year, and I can’t wait to share!

See ya soon!

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