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You may have seen conversation heart used as vase filler all over the internet, but I wanted a full-on Conversation Heart Vase itself – you know, something more permanent!

The best part about this DIY is it requires minimal materials and is very easy & inexpensive to create!

Before you get concerned, while, yes, these are in fact candy hearts, we’ll be sealing these at the end of the project so your DIY Conversation Heart Vase lasts for years to come!

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Conversation Heart Vase – What You’ll Need:

Conversation Heart Vase – How To:

Step 1 (optional): I did this step midway through my project, because that’s when I though of it! Hence why the photos look like I already got started! ? But if you’d like a bit of color to peek through your hearts, you’ll want to start by using your pink (or whatever color you like) spray paint and painting the INSIDE of your vase. Allow to dry.

DIY Conversation heart vase

Step 2: Now it’s time to go to town gluing the conversation hearts onto your vase. I used hot glue with no issue to glue my hearts on. While hot glue is not normally recommended for glass, you are creating kind of a matrix with your hearts, which helps lock them in place.

If any hearts pop out down the road, use a dab of E6000 to resecure them! You could also use E6000 to glue all of your hearts on. Just keep in mind it’s not as quick drying as hot glue, and you may find it more difficult and time-consuming to keep each heart in place.

Now, go around and around your vase until it is completely covered with hearts. Depending on the size of your vase, you may end at a point where another full heart does not fit on a row. When that happened, I just took a sharp knife and cut a conversation heat in half, and then glued that into place.

Another thing to note – I glued all my hearts on “upside down.” Meaning, all of the sayings are facing in. Depending on the look you want, you can glue them either way!

conversation heart crafts

Step 3: Spray your completed Conversation Heart Vase with two coats of Rustoleum clear enamel spray. Be sure to all your vase to dry in between coats. Spraying with clear coat enamel is going to protect your vase and seal it from any bugs or moisture!

Step 4: Add in some flowers and a heart pick, and enjoy! It really is THAT easy!


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Until next time, happy crafting!

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