DIY Giant Conversation Hearts Porch Decor

These DIY Giant Conversation Hearts for my porch decor was a natural next step from my Christmas porch packages. It’s still too early to plant spring flowers here in OR, so I decided to repurpose the PVD pipes I installed on my front porch planters for some giant conversation hearts! This project was the perfect addition to my Valentine’s Decor, and I hope it will inspire yours, too!

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts

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DIY Giant Conversation Hearts – What You’ll Need:

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts – How To:

Step 1: Draw out your heart shape on a piece of scrap wood. I just used a heart placemat I had on hand, but you could free hand or even print out a heart you like online.

Step 2: Use your jigsaw to cut out your heart shape. I made 6 identical hearts, 3 for each side of my porch.

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts cutting out your hearts

Step 3: Use your power sander to sand any rough edges of your hearts. Wipe off any excess dust with a damp cloth.

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts

Step 4: Spray paint one side of each heart with white spray paint. This doesn’t have to be perfect, you’re just getting a nice base coat of paint on. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Once dry, paint white acrylic paint over your spray paint base coat. I found that doing this two-step technique gave my hearts a really nice smooth finish. Allow to dry.

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts

Step 6: Using whatever colors you like, spray paint your hearts their final color. I used pink, red, and white to match my Valentine’s wreath on my front door. Allow to dry.

spray painting DIY Giant Conversation Hearts

Step 7: Using a small paint brush, paint conversation heart sayings on your hearts. Examples are: “UR CUTE,” “LUV YA,” “XOXO,” & “4EVER.” Allow to dry.

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts

Step 8: If you haven’t placed your PVC pipe into your pots/planters, how is the time to do that. Mine are inserted into iron planters and I just secured them using the dirt that was already inside. If your pots are smaller, you may need some floral foam and glue to ensure they stay put!

Step 9: Now position your hearts how you’d like them to look. Use your sharpie to create two guidelines on the back of each heart.

Step 10: Glue two couplings inside your guidelines with hot glue. Using two instead of one will help keep your hearts extra stable.

Step 11: Once dry, slip the couplings over your PVC pipe. Position the hearts so they are resting perpendicularly on top of each other to prevent them from sliding down. You could even use a bit of hot glue to secure them if needed (it will just pull right off at the end of the season).

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts Porch Decor

Step 12 (optional): Weave some garland in and out of your hearts for a little something extra

And voila! You have some adorable DIY Giant Conversation Hearts to complete your Valentine’s Day Porch Decor!


DIY Giant Conversation Hearts Porch Decor

What do you think? Would you try this?!

Until next time, happy crafting…

DIY Giant Conversation Hearts for your front porch on Valentine's Day
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