Hey friends, it’s been awhile – but I’ve got loads coming up for you over the next couple months! (aka – the ORC is coming up!)

But for now, I’m here with a quick and easy DIY for you – this adorable faux Olive Tree/Topiary!

faux olive tree topiary

Ain’t she cute?!

What You’ll Need:

  • Faux Olive Bush (I used THIS one from Hobby Lobby)
  • Bucket of your Choice (I used the larger one of THIS set, also from Hobby Lobby)
  • Branch (I prefer larger ones – snagged mine from a lake near our house, but you can use any size you prefer and adjust for wherever you plan to put the finished tree)
  • Hand-held drill, with 3/16″ drill bit
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral foam
  • Potting Soil
  • And a little H2O!

These are the basic materials – just need some dirt, a branch, and a bit of water. Easy peasy!

How to:

Step 1:

Use your scissors or wire cutters to cut apart your olive bush into individual stems.

Step 2:

Fill the bottom of your bucket with a bit of soil, then add your floral foam.  Stick your branch into the middle of the foam, but be careful not to poke it all the way through.

Step 3:

Fill the bucket the rest of the way with dirt, and add just a touch of water – it will help compact the soil and hold the weight of the foam/branch more securely (you can top it off with water every few weeks to help the soil stay compact as well, and add more soil as necessary).

Step 4:

Decide where you want each olive stem, and use your drill to drill a small hole into the branch – big enough for the end of the stem to fit into, but also be sure not to drill all the way through the branch.

Step 5:

Put hot glue on the end of the stem, and a dab inside the hole, too; then poke the end of your stem into the hole and HOLD – yes, hold.  You’ll probably have to hold for about 60-90 seconds just to be sure it’s secure!

Step 6:

Clean up the glue “cobwebs” and the rest of your space, and you’re done! Readjust the branch in the bucket and press down to compact the dirt even more if needed!


You can always use more than one olive “bush” to make your tree more full – I may add a few more stems at a later date, but I’m liking the look of her for now!

faux olive tree fauc brick

I just love the height and quirky nature of the branch I found! And because the branch is real, it also makes the whole thing look more realistic!

And that’s it y’all! Seriously so easy – and inexpensive too! (The only things I actually had to buy were the stems, bucket and floral foam, which rang in at about $15, because I only ever shop things at Hobby Lobby when they’re on sale!)

If you make your own, I would love to see! And as always, feel free to drop any questions or comments below!