legrand radiant collection

Hello friends!

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Legrand*** on something that may seem a bit benign, but is actually something SO many of us want or need to do – upgrading our outlets and light switches!  Their new Radiant collection is FAB-U-LOUS – why you ask?  Because the faceplates have NO screws, so the switches and outlets blend seamlessly in with the walls and look extra elegant and high-end!  Legrand also offers various color options, so they go with all types of decor.  We chose white to match the color of our molding, and so they would blend in.

Here is a sneak of the final product – this is the Legrand Radiant collection dimmer switch!

Hubby and I decided we were going to slowly switch out all the old switches and outlets in our home back when we remodeled our kitchen – many were loose,  some are that horribly ugly cream color, and others just plain didn’t work at all.  So, we started with the kitchen, and are working our way through the house from there.  This time, we tackled the living/dining area!

BUT – a VERY important thing before I share the full transformation with you –

  • If you are replacing outlets, I HIGHLY suggest hiring an electrician.  Electricity is NO joke, you guys.  So please, do your research and if you decide to upgrade your outlets, please do so with the utmost care! (Blog owner assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur from attempting to replace outlets in any way not in accordance with the law or local regulations).  

But now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started!

So here’s the BEFORE:

Just the classic, old, well used outlets/switches.

This one was super loose and fairly useless.

This is our TV area (yup, hubs managed to rig it up to hide ALL the cords)! But, the bottom outlet here didn’t work at all – we don’t really need it at the moment, but having random outlets not working is sometimes a sign of a greater problem – and for us, it was! This outlet is controlled by a switch, which we didn’t know. But when we went to replace that switch, we found that the wiring was ALL wrong – luckily, this project allowed us to fix that issue!

Okay, I won’t bore you with more before shots, because really, all the outlets and switches look virtually the same – yucky.

But the AFTER is definitely something you’ll want to see, especially because we added small luxury features like USB ports and a dimmer for our dining room light!


The light you see here used to just have a single switch, but thanks to Legrand, it is now dim-able and we love it! You can also calibrate this to your liking (i.e. different light levels), and the instructions provided will tell you how!

And OBVIOUSLY I was going to throw some Rae Dunn in there 😉

The bottom outlet here actually works now, thanks to….

…upgrading this switch set – the left one was wired incorrectly (which is DANGEROUS BTW) – luckily, it’s fixed and actually works now! (You can see our previously “upgraded” kitchen outlet int he background still has the screws on the faceplate – the Legrand faceplates completely eliminate those!)

legrand radiant collection

This is our prime outlet set come holiday time – the Christmas Tree lights, garland lights, etc all get hooked up here! And look – NO SCREWS! Just seamless and gorgeous!

legrand radient collection

And this is my personal favorite – the USB outlet. Now we can plug both of our iPhones in at the same time, while not taking up any outlet space!

And again, the look is super modern and sleek – I’m going to have to snag a few more of these for the upstairs too! (I know, it’s upside down – but that has to do with how our house was wired unfortunately – we couldn’t switch it)!

So what do you think, friends? I just love the updated look these have, and install was fairly easy (and any issues we did have were due to our own wiring, not the switches themselves). Having the updated features like a dimmer and USB ports is super convenient, and will definitely add value to our home if we ever decide to sell it!  I’m a big fan, and will definitely be back to purchase more switches/outlets to update the rest of our home in the future!

And for your convenience, here are the direct links to the products we used:

Sometimes, little upgrades like replacing switches/outlets can add SO much to your home.  For me, swapping these all out to more modern versions makes our home feel less 90’s builder grade, and more personalized and modern. I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the house!

Until next time –



***Legrand so generously offered me these switches/outlets at no cost in exchange for my honest review.