Eeeeeek these DIY Skeleton Hand Candy Dishes turned out SO cute, y’all! This DIY was inspired by two Grandin Road Halloween pieces I saw, and as soon as I found these adorable crystal candy dishes in Goodwill for under $5 a piece, I knew I had a winner!

grandin road inspired DIY inspiration
Super cute pieces right? But WHOA on those prices!

These candy dishes are PERFECT for a Halloween party or just to enjoy on your own. One thing I can guarantee though… EVERYONE will ask where you got them!

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Skeleton Hand Candy Dishes – What You’ll Need:

Skeleton Hand Candy Dishes – How To:

Step 1: Wash & dry your candy dishes.

Step 2: Using frog tape, tape off part of your dishes so that part of them stay crystal and the other part black once you spray paint. Be sure to NOT spray the inside of the dishes where the candy will go to ensure they stay food safe!

Step 3: Spray paint with semi-gloss spray paint and allow to dry. Then remove the frog tape.

Step 4: Spend a bit of time molding your skeleton hands to your chosen candy dish. I had to cut part of the wrist of one of my hands off in order to fit on my shorter bowl, so don’t be afraid if you have to make some modifications as well!

Step 5. HOT GLUE the heck out of your skeleton hands so they adhere REALLY well to the crystal candy dishes. I glued on the wrist/palm area as well as parts of the fingers. I held the hands in place for longer than usual as the glue dried to ensure a really good bond.

Step 5.5. On my taller candy dish, I also used a zip tie and wrapped it around the wrist and base of the candy dish for an even more secure hold.

diy skeleton hand candy dish - securing the hand to your dish

Step 6. To hide the zip tie and to add more flare to the shorter dish, I used some lace ribbon I had on hand and created a bracelet and ring look on my hands. I then added some iridescent jewels I had leftover from my DIY Skull Pedestal Stands and glued those on as a ring & bracelet charm!

Step 7. Use your gold gilding and adhesive and apply with a paintbrush over all of that excess hot glue that you can see. For me, this meant adding gold gilding to the skeleton hands as well as some places on the bases of my candy dishes. It’s a win win if you ask me – it covers the hot glue but it also makes your skeleton hand candy dishes look SO much cuter!

Step 8: Spray polyurethane over your gold gilding to secure it in place. I placed cardboard over the top of my dishes to prevent any overspray from getting inside the dishes; again, we want to stay food safe here!

Step 9: Add some doilies or creepy cloth to the inside of your dishes, add your favorite candy, and enjoy!

diy skeleton hand candy dishes


I’m so happy with how these turned out – the perfect elegant & creepy decor for my next Halloween Party!

And I paid less than $19 for BOTH – huge impact for very little money! Just how I like it!

Stay tuned for my next Grandin Road dupe – it’s a GOOD one! 😉

diy grandin road inspired skeleton hand candy dishes
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