DIY Tinsel Ornament Wreaths

We are inching closer to Christmas which means I’m hunkering down a bit and crafting a bit less. But my mom and I sat down to make these adorable DIY Tinsel Wreath Ornaments this past week and I just love them! They are so easy you could still squeeze them in before Christmas arrives. They make great gift toppers, party favors, or ornaments for your garlands and tree!

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Tinsel Wreath Ornaments the inspiration

I originally saw these in a local boutique, and they were charging a whopping $18 for EACH! Nope nope nopity nope. I knew I could make these for way less, plus they’d be custom to exactly what I wanted.

I grabbed some of my supplies from the Dollar Tree (tinsel, pipe cleaners & ribbon) and a lot I already had on hand (wire, ornaments, hot glue, mini bottle brush trees). The tiny ornaments I used were all thrifted, but you can find small ornaments at places like TJMaxx, Walmart, etc. You could also disassemble an ornament garland with tiny ornaments and use those!

Let’s get started!

DIY Tinsel Wreath Ornaments – What You’ll Need:

DIY Tinsel Wreath Ornaments – How To:

Step 1: Form your wire into a circle to decide how large or small you’d like it to be, and then add a couple of extra inches. Cut your wire to your with wire cutters. You can experiment with different size wreaths like we did, or stick to one size.

Step 2: Wrap your tinsel tightly around the wire. We used both gold and silver for a two-toned look. Using a couple strange of tinsel also made them fluffier!

Step 3: Once you finish wrapping, bend your wire into a circle shape. Now we are going to use that extra few inches you cut on your wire… Bend an extra inch of so on either side of the top of your circle around and around the wire. This will secure the wreath in place.

Step 4: For extra security, we are going to attach the pipe cleaner hanger right where you just secured the wreath together. First, fold your pipe cleaner in half. Now feed the two tails up through the loop of the folded part of the pipe cleaner, making sure you are doing this AROUND the tip of your wreath where you just secured it together. Pull the tails tightly through to secure the pipe cleaner onto the wreath.

Step 5: Now create a small loop with the tails, and wrap the extra length of pip cleaner down and around itself. This will also make your hanger more secure.

Step 6: The fun part! Remove the base of your bottle brush tree with your wire cutters. Secure to the bottom of the wreath with hot glue.

Step 7: Remove any hangers from your mini ornaments, and attach them with hot glue all along your wreath. If you are short on ornaments, you can attach the ornaments just halfway up (you’ll see we did this on some of ours too).

Step 8: Tie a tiny bow with your ribbon. Attach with hot glue at the top of your wreath.

Tinsel Wreath Ornaments tutorial


Step 9 (optional): Add some faux snow to your bottle brush tree with hot glue.

Step 10: Hang and enjoy!

I’d say they turned out nearly identical to the original inspiration, and they cost me maybe $4 a piece to make. I still have plenty of tinsel, ribbon, and trees left to make more too! It took my mom and I about 90 minutes to make 6 of them, so they really are a quick craft! These Tinsel Wreath Ornaments would make a great girls’ night activity or a fun afternoon project with kiddos (just help them with the hot glue part!)

I hope you enjoyed these easy DIY Tinsel Wreath Ornaments, friend!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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