I’m so excited to share these DIY Giant Cupcakes with you today! This year, they were the perfect addition to my life-sized Gingerbread House Outdoor Christmas Decor! That said, these giant cupcakes would make adorable decor for Valentine’s Day, Easter, a Candyland Birthday party or a Sweets-themed Baby Shower, too!

DIY Giant Cupcakes

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DIY Giant Cupcakes – What You’ll Need:

DIY Giant Cupcakes – How To:

Step 1: Remove the handle from your bucket with pliers and discard.

Step 2: Spray paint your bucket in your desired color. I made 3 cupcakes and used light pink, dark pink, and blue. Allow to dry.

DIY Giant Cupcakes out of buckets and spray foam

Step 3: Add some rocks to the bottom of your buckets so they don’t blow away outside. Then stuff you buck with paper or leftover packaging materials. Fill it to the top. (Optional you can hot glue a large bowl on top of your packaging materials if you like – this will help you use less Loctite Spray foam as the bowl will serve as a great mold for your cupcake. If I make these again, I will definitely be doing this!)

Step 4: Spray your Loctite Spray Foam onto your packaging material or bowl. Allow the foam to dry and expand for at least 20-30 minutes in between applications (it took me 3 foam applications for my cupcakes)

DIY Giant Cupcakes

Step 5: While your first or second round of foam dries, use sharp scissors to cut apart the lids of your spray foam containers (minimal waste y’all!). You will use these as sprinkles.

Step 6: On your last round of spray foam, make sure you are creating the shape of cupcake frosting. Stick your sprinkles directly onto the foam while it’s wet.

Step 7: Allow to dry!

Step 8 (optional): You can stop here, or plop on a large plastic red ornament for a cherry on top, also while your foam is wet ideally. I initially did not do this because to me, the cherry makes these sundaes rather than cupcakes, but the internet collectively peer pressured me and I gave in and added the cherry with some hot glue – LOL. I’ll admit, it looks super cute!

Step 9: Mix up a contrasting color of acrylic paint to your cupcake base. Use a small paintbrush to paint vertical stripes onto the bucket to emulate the look of a cupcake wrapper. Allow to dry.

Step 10: Set outside or wherever you’d like to display and ENJOY!

I mean.. how stinking cute are these DIY Giant Cupcakes though?! I will note that I wouldn’t suggest making these unless you have a spot to store them for years to come, as it’s a lot of waste just for one season of decor. I’ll be using these year after year for multiple holidays (come back for Valentine’s Day to see how I use these Giant Cupcakes then!)

DIY Giant Cupcakes by Sunrise Valley Farm Co.


Also a quick tip…. if the foam yellows over time, simply cover up your cherry and base and spray paint it white again. You can then paint your sprinkles with acrylic paint in whatever color you like after the fact! Easy fix! I’m hoping with this new bright white spray foam though, that they won’t discolor for quite some time!

Happy crafting y’all!

Until next time…

DIY Giant Cupcakes by Sunrise Valley Farm Co.

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