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This Abstract Christmas Tree Art will take you just a few MINUTES to create! As we come into the back half of October, I’m sharing a super quick and easy Christmas DIY project for you!

I knew I wanted to replace the art inside the frames of our DIY TV cover for some time, and with Christmas and winter around the corner, I took advantage and did the dang thing!

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What You’ll Need for your Christmas Tree Art:

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How to Make your Christmas Tree Art:

Step 1: Lay your poster board or canvas onto an old towel to catch the paint drop-offs. Now use various green acrylic paint color and put drops of paint onto your poster board in various places. Keep in mind you want these to look like trees, so the paint dots should generally be in triangle shapes.

I also used a few drops of brown and cranberry to my trees, so represent the trunk and berries as well!

Step 2: Starting on once side of your posterboard, use your squeegee to drag from the top of your paint dots down to the very bottom of the board. Wipe your squeegee with paper towels.

Step 3: Repeat this process until you have covered your entire poster board or canvas, making sure to wipe off your squeegee before each new stroke. Allow to dry.

Step 4 (optional): Using a small, stencil brush, pick up some black acrylic paint and wipe off any excess onto a paper towel. Dry brush the shapes of trees onto your posterboard however you like. This is meant to look more abstract, so don’t worry about the trees looking perfect!

Also, this step is completely optional. If you like the super abstract look, forgo this step and leave your Christmas Tree Art as is!

before and after final step easy christmas tree art

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Step 5: Frame, hang, and enjoy!

You could also create a similar look for Fall using reds, oranges, yellows, and browns for your trees, so emulate the trees changing color in the Fall!

And there you have it! My first winter DIY project of the year – super easy Christmas Tree Art!

Tell me in the comments below if you try this, and share a photo with me at!

I can’t wait to see your masterpiece!

Until next time…

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easy christmas tree art diy christmas project for winter

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