fall living room decor

Hello sweet friends! Welcome to our Fall Blog Hop!! If you’re coming from Crystal and Cleats, welcome!!

So, it’s finally FALL! The best season of all, if you ask me! It means pumpkins, sweaters, boots, scarves, crisp sunny days! Okay, well maybe that’s what it meant back when I lived in Georgia – now its more so an extended summer, but with pumpkins.  Sometimes, I’ll turn on the AC and light me up the fireplace and just pretend for a few minutes 😛

But, even if its still hot as all get out here in SoCal, that doesn’t mean the Fall decor falls by the wayside.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite! I’m a bit proponent of fake it ’til ya make it – and Fall decor is no exception! I mean, if I pretend it’s Fall inside, maybe the outside will finally catch up? (A girl can dream, right?!) 🙂

Being that it’s my favorite season, I definitely go all out with the Fall Decor – at least downstairs.  Then, our master gets a little pumpkin spice thrown in too, and I’m done!  And even though I go a little Fall cray cray, you can add simple Fall touches to your home with one simple trick!

My secret? TEXTURE TEXTURE TEXTURE!  Think pumpkins, cozy blankets, and some faux greens and Fall stems!  Allow me to explain more (or rather, SHOW more) below! So without further ado, here is a room by room tour of our Fall decor this year!


Our family room is composed of a giant comfy couch and our fireplace, which is really the focal point of our home.  But, our home is VERY open concept, so all the rooms kind of blend together downstairs, which meant I had to keep a kind of similar theme.  Initially, I wanted all NEUTRALS.  But once I got that home, I was craving some of the warmth the traditional Fall colors provide.  So out came the rich oranges and reds, and I must say, I haven’t tired of them yet! They just add such a cozy element!

fall mantel decor

Here is my super neutral Fall mantel. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But adding in the reds and oranges (see below) really gave it that coziness it was missing for me!

This is my second iteration of the mantel decor, and I LOVE IT!

Whether you like option 1 or 2 better, you can see that both have SO much texture.  From the blanket to the faux plants to the pumpkins, wood sign (by my amazingly talented friend Emily over at Queen B Home), and burlap leaves, theres no shortage of different textures here.  That’s really, to me, what pulls a room together – a combination of different textures all playing off each other and working together!

fall decor

Here is that big comfy couch I mentioned, and of course, Miss Napa! Signs also by Emily from Queen B Home!

Here, the faux greenery and Fall stems add he texture, and of course, what is Fall decor (or any decor, if you ask me) without some buffalo check!

A close up of that AMAZING Fall list sign from Emily!


So of course, I also have already rotated through two versions of my dining room tablescape. Oops! I love both, but the second version with the pop of blue just hit the nail on the head for me!  The deep blue was unexpected, and yet so perfect!

And of course, again – texture! Lots of layers on each place setting = texture for days! Add in the macrame table runner, pumpkins, and those burlap leaves again, and you’ve got texture galore, and a really home-y feeling!

fall dining room table

This is the second version – and I am OBSESSED!

Another reason I switched up my table was because I wanted to add REAL pumpkins! Anytime I can use real instead of faux, I do so!

Lots of layers in the place setting! Placemats and chargers are from Pier1, napkins are TJMaxx!

And here is a quick shot of the first version! As you can see, the faux orange/red berries were on the table, rather than in a vase in the center.


My favorite part of the living room now is my new DIY deconstructed/reconstructed vintage sofa!  I’m SO thrilled I got it done in time for the holidays (tutorial coming soon, post One Room Challenge – promise!)

It was just SO fun to decorate this new piece for Fall! In and of itself, it has lots of texture (wood, burlap, drop cloth, throw pillows), so adding to it was easy peasy!

fall decor DIY

Fun Tip: Use a blanket scarf as a blanket! They are easy, light, and you guessed it! They add much needed texture!

fall decor

And of course, Napa claimed this sofa right after I made it. Literally. Not 20 minutes late she was curled up in a little ball. She knows she’s not supposed to be up there, but she was just so darn cute I couldn’t stop her. And of course, I got a few adorable photos out of it!

She is just the sweetest! And I spy some more buffalo check! These sweet pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby!

fall vignette

I had fun styling this vignetter too – of course, it didn’t stay like this for more than just a few minutes, but it sure did look cute!

fall candle

Lots of texture here too – really, it just creates interest, drama, and a cozy feel. Amazing candle by my friend Amanda at Prairie Girl Candle Co – because FALL CANDLES ARE LIFE! And also – shop small y’all!

And then of course, there’s the other side of the room, with the fun distressed buffet I found on Facebook Marketplace a few months back!


I actually kept the kitchen fairly understated this year.  I figured the rest of the downstairs was decked in Fall, so the kitchen could get a little break! 😀

kitchen fall decor

A few fall leaves added to the mug rack along with those cute enameled FALL letters – also Hobby Lobby and SO inexpensive! And yup – another goodie from Emily – seriously, pretty sure every room in my home has one of her signs – THAT’S how amazing they are!

rae dunn fall decor

Another amazing candle from Prairie Girl Candle Co!

Love these sweet squirrel nut bowl I got from my friends over At Vagabond House! They have such adorable Fall tableware! And yes, more buffalo check!

I’m not doing much for Halloween this year, but I had to bust out my fun skeleton glasses – got these from TJX last year and I adore them!


Similar to the kitchen, I kept the master pretty understated this year – and I always tend to keep things neutral in here because we have a blue rug (not pictured) that can tend to clash with anything else!

bedroom fall decor

Threw in some buffalo check and a textured (obvi) pumpkin pillow!

Even more texture with a Target quilted pumpkin! And this throw is SUPER cozy!


Aside from the master, I did throw a few pumpkins in our upstairs nook, because you really can never have too many pumpkins!

faux shiplap fall decor

Another incredible sign by my gal Emily! You can find it HERE! Texture trick here: shiplap, topped with wooden herb boxes (Decor Steals), some faux greens, chippy spindles, and some more pumpkins! Easy peasy!

So what do ya think folks?  Do you want to try to add a bit more texture to your Fall Decor! And no need to spend the big bucks here – go to the Target Dollar spot, grab a blanket scarf or two for $7 and a few $1 suede pumpkins, then head to Michaels or Hobby Lobby (and catch their sales!) for some great Fall stems, and Voila! Fall Decor tackled!

I hope my Fall Decor (and texture trick) will inspire you to add some cozy Autumn touches to your home. And be sure to head on over to Hayden at Two Paws Farmhouse for some more amazing Fall decor inspiration!

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Enjoy, friends!