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Hello Friends and welcome to this years Fall Living Room Decor Tour! I’m so delighted to be participating in the Harvest Home Tour with so many talented bloggers! Be sure to stop by their blogs as well, all linked below!

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I decided to go with a more neutral palette for my Fall decor this year. Last year I really leaned into the traditional fall oranges, browns, and reds, so I’m excited to switch it up this year.

We have a beautiful hydrangea bush in our front yard that has never looked more beautiful than this year! We had over 40 blooms on it! It’s a beautiful bubblegum pink in the spring, but as Fall nears, the blooms turn shades of light pink and green, and they are just beautiful!

I’ve cut several off the bush and already dried them to add to my Fall living room decor, and elsewhere around the house. As the season goes on I’ll be drying many more I’m sure!

I also bought some dried limelight hydrangeas last year on eBay, so I brought those out as well! Since they are dried, I don’t have to worry about them wilting like I have in the past with traditional Fall florals!

I did add in a few deeper orange/copper touches with my usual amber bottles (that I always add candles to) and some copper leaf picks I got at Hobby Lobby a few years back.

They add the perfect traditional Fal touch without overwhelming the space.

fall living room decor farmhouse ruggable rug

I haven’t gone too crazy with the pumpkins – YET. I always run to Trader Joe’s around mid-September to get some real pumpkins to add in around the house, but for now, I have just a few faux ones! My favorites are in the dough bowl on the coffee table.

pumpkin fall decor

And y’all probably know by now how obsessed I am with Ruggable rugs! Full disclosure, I have worked with them in the past and we still have a continuing relationship as brand/blogger, but this post is in NO way sponsored! I just adore their products so much that I’ll talk about them any chance I get!

The rug I got for Fall is the Cambria Sapphire rug. I just love the rust and butterscotch tones on top of the dark blue base, which really grounds the rug in the space. I’m usually not one for blues in my home, but this is a major exception – I LOVE it!

I also love the contrast against the black sideboard, which I just painted earlier this year. It used to be white, but the black feels so much richer, especially for cozy season!

As you can see, I added the dried hydrangeas into my fall living room decor just about everywhere I could! But I really can never have too many, so as they continue to dry, this space may be overrun my hydrangeas. And, of course, those live TJs pumpkins I love so much! 🙂

fall living room decor

I added a few pinecones into the space as well – they seem to transition well from Fall to Winter/Christmas. Don’t you agree?

And those little copper acorns I got a few years ago in the Target Dollar Spot!

On the other side of the living room is my beautiful Arhaus mirror, which reflects the lights and my sweet Booker (the book wall!) so well. Purchasing this mirror really opened up this space and made it feel more grand, even though it is rather small. I contemplated adding a Fall garland to drape over the mirror, but it all seemed a bit too busy. I’m loving the simplicity and just getting to enjoy the reflection itself!

Oh, and last but not least, I just loved adding in more texture and layers with my growing ironstone collection! Usually, this collection lives in a hutch I have at the top of our stairs, so I loved bringing it out for Fall to add some contrasting white to the black sideboard!

Booker seems to be happy with the choice!

fall living room decor


And that, my friends, is the end of my fall living room decor tour for 2021! I hope it inspired you as you decorate your home for Fall.

Remember that you don’t have to go crazy decorating! Adding Fall touches can be as simple as using the nature that’s just outside your back (or front) door!

I’m actually proud to say I didn’t purchase anything new to decorate this space this year. I was able to repurpose what I already had, bring in the hydrangeas, and it still feels Fall cozy!

What is your favorite part? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Until next time…

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