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Income Reports are HERE! By popular demand, I am sharing all of the $$$ details on my content creator business, tips/tricks on how I do it, and so much more. If you aren’t already in the know, I help fellow content creators launch a successful blog/website so they can finally stop depending on social media algorithms for business growth. (I have a free workshop I host on this exact topic, for aspiring and newbie bloggers! You can Register HERE!) My passion is to lift up and inspire other content creators, sharing how to use social media strategically to help grow a business they truly OWN through their blog/website.

And one way I hope to inspire you, whether you are a current or aspiring content creator, is to be TRANSPARENT about the money I make, and where it comes from! Almost no one talks about this, which I think is a disservice to ALL content creators. Money should not be taboo. This is a business (one I am incredibly passionate about mind you), periodT!

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I truly hope that these monthly income reports will serve you, inspire you, and challenge you to THINK BIG. If this is something you want to do, you absolutely CAN succeed!

I am combining January and February into one post for you so it’s easier to read, but I’ll be aiming to get these out to you monthly going forward! So let’s dive in, shall we!


January 2021 Content Creator Income

As a content creator and blogger, I make income from 3 predominate “places,” if you will. First, from brand collaborations, both on social media and my blog. Second, through affiliate commissions/ads, both on social media and my blog. And finally, through my products/services – namely my blogging course, though I am planning to expand my offerings soon!

I have attached images as proof that this money is entering my accounts – I know that it can be frustrating when someone “says” they make a certain amount, without actually showing it! (I’m hoping in future months I can make these a bit prettier to look at for you, but I was trying to get them out ASAP, so forgive these very not aesthetically pleasing redacted screenshots with weird blank spaces… I promise I’ll get better at this! ?) Anything that’s redacted is done to protect my own privacy, or sometimes the privacy of a company or brand who I am contractually obligated not to disclose info about!

january 2021 content creator income
january content creator income 2021

I have labelled everything for you by the three categories we just went over. Here, my affiliate income comes from both my blog and social media. It’s often hard to discern where specifically they came from, as I use affiliate links on both my blog and social media outlets. That said, anything labeled “Amazon” is strictly from my blog.

January was a slow month for brand collaborations as I was dedicating a lot of time to my blogging course. Things also just tend to slow down for brands a bit right after the holiday rush. So for January, 77% of my income came from my products/services.

Now I know you might be thinking – “But Ana, I don’t have products or services to offer.” No worries, friend! But that doesn’t mean you can’t start brainstorming ideas for a product or service you could offer in the future. Pocket products (the industry name for small digital products that usually are under $75 or $100.. I often see them priced at $27, $37, etc) are a great way to start! Think of these as a bite-sized offer for your audience – they pack a TON of value based on your own expertise, and is incredibly affordable. Pocket products are a GREAT way to enter the world of product/service offerings to your amazing people!

So grand total for January… $2,466.28!

February 2021 Content Creator Income

In February, things picked up quite a bit in the brand collaboration department. And let me tell you, forming amazing relationships with brands you truly love is where the big ticket income is. Affiliate links and ads are great, but they are small fish compared to working with brands. (IMPORTANT NOTE: I NEVER, ever ever ever, advocate for promoting products or brands you do not absolutely stand behind and love – you want your audience to love AND trust you, so don’t sacrifice that for ANY amount of $$; do NOT sell your integrity!)

February blogger income
February blogger income part 2

In February, I made a total of $3,147.20.

Just over 48% this month came from brand collabs! The $1,250.00 brand collaboration was a BLOG ONLY collab. This means I did not have to do anything at all related to social media – nada, el zippo! These are my favorite collaborations because I truly adore blogging – I love all of you readers and my subscribers and such an amazing community of supportive and kind people! I truly believe blogging is where it’s at y’all (hence why I teach it!)

The other $275 was a social media collaboration. (P.S. PLEASE make sure you are getting paid for collabs. Product only campaigns are a net loss to you. Why? Because you have to pay TAXES on the market value of the products you receive. I could go on and on about this, so it’s probably a discussion for another time… let me know if you’re interested in learning more!)

My affiliate income was a bit less than last month, as was my products/services revenue, but overall my income increased by about $500, so it was a definite win! (The markings that show 60% collected were through my own affiliates, who I owe 40% commission, hence, only 60% profit for me!)

I am now planning in my Erin Condren Planner (my fave!) for March and April (yes, PLANNING profit is a thing) and beyond, and I will continue to share these income reports with you! I hope they are helpful! I’ll also be sharing advice every month, as it feels relevant or as I get questions. (We may have to have a post more on planning profit, too? Let me know if that interests you!)


This month, my biggest advice for you if you aspire to this kind of income (and beyond!): STOP treating content creation as a hobby, and start treating it like a business. Is that REALLY hard sometimes when you are a mama of littles or working full time elsewhere, or in whatever other tough situation you might find yourself? HECK YES IT IS.

But your mindset is everything. And if YOU don’t believe you will succeed at achieving your dreams, then why should anyone else?

So if you wanna do it, go ALL in, friend! Invest in yourself and invest in your business, and BELIEVE you can do it all! I’ll be here cheering you on with my big virtual pom poms along the way!

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you have any questions for future posts – I’d love that!



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