Happy ORC Week 2! If you are new here, the ORC is a 6 week challenge where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest participants support each other in renovating/remodeling ONE entire room! There are so many inspiring spaces, and you can go see ALL the other rooms over at the ORC Blog Page! What’s even more exciting is that Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor for this ORC! So amazing!

If you missed Week 1, you can hop over and read that post HERE.

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So this week, my main goal was to get all the faux bricks made, and thankfully, I succeeded, though not without a lot of griping (because y’all, it’s a TEDIOUS process)! But it’s done!

Three of four walls are faux bricked, and the wall you can’t see will be painted with chalkboard paint!

Ultimately, I accomplished everything on the list for this week:

Week 1-2:

  • Remove mirror
  • Tape off faux bricks
  • Joint compound faux bricks
  • Remove shower curtain rod
  • Remove light fixture over sink

Something I also tackled this week was moving up the electrical for the light over the vanity – with the giant mirrors I scored off of OfferUp, it needed to move up just a bit. I didn’t actually modify the electrical at all, I just opened up the drywall and moved up the connection about 6 inches.

I used some drywall mesh to close up the previous hole, and patched it over with my joint compound prior to making the bricks.

The whole brick making process is a tutorial I already have here on the blog, so if you want to check it out, just click HERE. I’ve also got a saved Story Highlight on the whole process over on Instagram. Like I said, the process is quite tedious (and messy!), but definitely not at all difficult! It also has a HUGE visual impact, and adds tons of texture, which I LOVE! (Texture should probably be my middle name, now that I think about it.) 😉

Here are some photos of the whole process:

And while it might not seem like much, this was a LOT to tackle this week! It’s a small room, but three full walls was a LOT of bricks! Next up for this coming weekend is to get these beauties primed, painted, schmeared, white washed, and sealed! Phew! I’ve also got the OfferUp vanity mirrors on my list – they need to be either stripped and stained or painted, haven’t 100% decided what direction I’m going yet.

And of course, per usual, unexpected tasks come up – I realized that I forgot to add the pipe shelving to my original list, and now I’ve got the new task of painting the 4th wall of the bathroom with chalkboard paint, which I was not originally planning to do. But projects like these always develop and change as you go, and that’s something I always embrace! I always find a way to fit them in!

And that’s it for Week 2! I cant wait to watch these bricks transform over the weekend! See ya in Week 3, friends!



A huge thanks again to Giani, Inc for helping to sponsor this Spring 2019 One Room Challenge!