Hey y’all! I can’t believe it’s week 4 of the ORC! If you are new here, the ORC is a 6 week challenge where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest participants support each other in renovating/remodeling ONE entire room! There are so many inspiring spaces, and you can go see ALL the other rooms over at the ORC Blog Page! What’s even more exciting is that Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor for this ORC! Seriously so cool!

If you missed previous weeks, you can check them out here:

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Week 4 is typically the “OH SH***T” week! But I’ve actually found that for me, that feeling usually happens in Week 3. Week 4 for me is when things actually start coming together it seems (this is my third time participating in the ORC, and this seems to be the trend for me)!

So let’s recap the past few weeks, and go over what I’ve accomplished:

  • Remove mirror
  • Tape off faux bricks
  • Joint compound faux bricks
  • Remove shower curtain rod
  • Remove light fixture over sink
  • Refinish thrifted mirrors
  • Paint/seal faux brick
  • Replace both light fixtures
  • Install window trim (NOT HAPPENING)
  • Remove/spray paint sink hardware (NOT HAPPENING)
  • Spray paint medicine cabinet shelving
  • Paint cabinets
  • Hang shower curtain rod
  • Install wire and hang mirrors
  • Upgrade medicine cabinet

So it’s safe to say I’ve gotten pretty much everything done on my list EXCEPT finishing off the medicine cabinets. I also decided against window trim, and also against spraying the fixtures. I’ve also gotten a few things done that WEREN’T on our initial list, including:

  • Painting 4th wall
  • Painting inside of window box
  • Building and installing pipe shelving

So we’re pretty on track, and I feel like it’s actually starting to look like a real bathroom! And without further ado, here are some photos of the progress made this week!

giani nuvo cabinet paint in old sage

The biggest transformation this week was the cabinets, which I painted with Giani, Inc’s Nuvo Cabinet Paint in Old Sage – the color is GORGEOUS y’all! And if you follow me over on Instagram, you might have seen all the fun I had getting to take over Giani’s IG page on Saturday. Giani has graciously helped sponsor this ORC for me, and I cannot say enough amazing things about them. The Nuvo cabinet paint is, in particular, one of my favorite products!

The mirrors also got hung this week (this was mirror number one). I just love how the faux wood look turned out on these!

diy pipe shelving on faux brick wall

The pipe shelves also were built and installed – I just need to trim down the wood just a bit and then seal it with my Spar Urethane. I decided to do a two toned effect with the galvanized pipes and iron connectors in order to tie in the black hardware and fixtures with the chrome shower and sink fixtures.

diy pip toilet paper holder

The matching TP holder was also built and installed. I sprayed this one with a matte finish Krylon to prevent the transfer of oil to the toilet paper.

The cabinet hardware from D Lawless hardware was installed as well, and I just love the old world feel it has!

And finally, the new light fixtures were installed and I got the frame in around the medicine cabinet! Oh – and that cute little wall got a fresh coat of paint from Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Ash (the window box is also painted in this color).

It really is starting to look like a bathroom now, don’t ya think? While I still have quite a bit to tackle, I know I’ll definitely get it all done! Next week is the week of the painted floors, which is one of my favorite weeks, because there’s nothing quite like painted floors to transform a space!

Per usual, I’ll be taking you along for the ride over on Instagram stories this weekend! See you there!



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