Oh. Em. GEE! Only 1 week left ya’ll! It’s crunch time, and while I’ve got ONE major task and about a million little ones left to accomplish these week, I absolutely CANNOT wait for the big reveal!

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But first things first, if you are new here, the ORC is a 6 week challenge where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest participants support each other in renovating/remodeling ONE entire room! There are so many inspiring spaces, and you can go see ALL the other rooms over at the ORC Blog Page! What’s even more exciting is that Better Homes and Gardens is the media sponsor for this ORC!

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This is the week things finally started coming together for me, and the room is actually starting to look like a bathroom again! Phew! The main thing I tackled? Painting the floors!

cutting edge stencil Augusta tile stencil painted tile
Aren’t they just dreamy?! And can you believe that’s PAINT!?

Honestly, I was really nervous for awhile on this entire bathroom project. Was it going to be too much brick? Was it going to mesh with the rest of our home? Was it just NOT going to work? But those fears have been laid to rest, and I can finally say I feel really REALLY good about how this is all coming together. And the floors were a huge part of that! We’ll chat more about this next week though. For now, let’s change things up, and instead of focusing on what’s already done, I’m going to list for you the things I have LEFT to accomplish before the reveal!


  • SURPRISE feature!
  • (POSSIBLY) install new sink fixtures (keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this one – will keep y’all posted)!
  • caulk entire room
  • install ceiling medallion
  • finish styling shelves
  • FIND MY LABEL MAKER (seriously, it’s lost and I either have to find it, or order a new one STAT)
  • label shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • stain wood filled corners of medicine cabinet
  • trim shower curtain liner
  • final clean
  • final style
  • photograph

So the floors were the major task this week, and boy am I SO happy with them. I used Fusion mineral paint for these floors (instead of chalk paint as I have previously done), and I tried out a concrete sealer instead of polycrylic, since it’s supposed to be waterproof and I only needed TWO coats (instead of five)! It’s the first time I’ve used this sealer, so I’ll have to report back later with how it’s working/looking/etc. But I will say, it’s meant for cars to drive over it, so I think it should handle feet and heels and dogs and all the things JUST fine!

For these floors, I used the Augusta Tile Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Fusion mineral paint coal black raw silk
I used Fusion in Raw Silk and Coal Black for this project.

I also received the ceiling medallion and painted it with Fusion’s ash and added some black wax.

This will get installed in the upcoming week!

I also got the shelves cut down to size and sealed with the Spar Urethane. They are up and semi styled. I’ll be tweaking them a bit before the reveal I’m sure, but I love how they look, and the added storage it gives us without having to have something sitting on the ground in this small bathroom is key.

DIY industrial pip shelves
I’m loving the two toned look – gives it that added industrial vibe!

I also gave the medicine cabinet a little refresh with some spray paint and marble contact paper. It’s an easy an inexpensive way to upgrade a builder grade medicine cabinet.

Framing out the front mirror with some stained hobby board was also key to upgrading this sad little cabinet!

And finally, I gave everything a good clean, and was able to put down our new Turkish rug, that came all the way from TURKEY! And guess what – it was $45! Good ole’ Etsy I tell ya, you can find amazing things there if you’re willing to look! We purchased from the same seller we bought out master bath rug from (I’ll be linking sources for all our renovation products in the Week 6 reveal post, so not to worry)!

I’m a big advocate of pattern on pattern, and over the past year of my home decor and design journey, I’ve started to really hone in on my style, which includes vintage, texture, and more moody colors – and yes – BOLD choices that include pattern on pattern on more pattern! And there’s just something about a vintage Turkish rug on patterned tile that gives me all the heart eyes! And the greens in the rug pick up that gorgeous green from our cabinets painted with Giani’s Nuvo Cabinet Paint in Old Sage! Go bold or go home – that’s the saying, right??

And that’s all for ya this week! I’ve got quite a ways to go, but I absolutely CANNOT wait to see you here next week for the big reveal! You’ll see it here, on the blog, first, so make sure you’re subscribed to get the post straight to your inbox when it goes live next Wednesday night, May 8!

See you there!



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