I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, let alone about our dream home.

As you can imagine, the building process is stressful on its own, but I also left my job to go full time in my business and we’re now in the selling/out of state moving process, too! Needless to say, it’s been a BUSY season!

BUT, I’m back and I’m so excited to share more of the design process of our dream home.

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Dream Home Elevations

We’re building with my parents, so it’s a multi-generational design! We originally were planning for a second-story bonus space, but HOLY expensive.

When we thought more about it, given we don’t have kids yet, the whole upstairs bit seemed a bit excessive anyway.

I also wasn’t super excited about how the outside elevation looked with the bonus space. Instead of the front entrance being the main focus, your eye was immediately drawn to the white bread box on top.

dream home front elevations

Much better right?! We also added a couple of steps up to the front porch, which made the entrance stand out even more!

The siding design still isn’t decided upon, but we do plan to mix 2-3 different styles. The exterior color will be white and the windows will be black. We’re still deciding if the garages should be black, wood, or white – stay tuned!

And here is the back view, hot tub and all!

Dream Home Kitchen Design

Even more exciting than the outside elevations, at least to me, is our KITCHEN design! My dad is a kitchen and bath designer, so he has actually taken on this part of the project, which is super cool!

Originally, the left of the window was just lower cabinets, and the window was bigger. But I really wanted to find a way to add in an appliance garage. So my dad shortened the window by just one foot, and we were able to add in an appliance garage plus another cabinet. The left photo shows a traditional cabinet and the right an open cabinet, but your girl wants floating shelves for a little more flare!

Unfortunately, the program my Dad is using doesn’t do the whole floating shelves gig, so I drew up a LOVELY version myself on Instagram, LOL!

dream home farmhouse kitchen design rendering

I love it so much! The cabinets will be a white or cream color, and the counters will either be white quartz or Carerra marble. The island will likely be a different color, but I’m not sure if I’m leaving towards black or wood – again, stay tuned!

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And here are a couple more views for you. The right is the island, where we’ll have an additional sink, a trash compactor (left of sink), and a pull-out door for recyclables (right of sink).

And that’s today’s update for you!

As we keep moving forward in the process, I’ll be back to share more, including more on the moving process and finding a (hopefully cute!) rental while we go through the actual build!

In the meantime, you can check out some of my own advice when renovating or building that I’ll definitely be using as we move forward in this process!

You can also read more about the property we are building on HERE!

Can’t wait to share more!

Until next time…

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