diy spooky halloween eyeglasses grandin road dupe

Today’s Halloween DIY is SO easy and so inexpensive – these Spooky Halloween Eyeglasses! They are so cute, and for less than $3 (all I needed were the frames and they were $1.27 each from Goodwill!), I’d say they’re a win for sure!

My inspo from Grandin Road!

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Spooky Halloween Eyeglasses – What You’ll Need:

Spooky Halloween Eyeglasses – How To:

Step 1: Take apart your frames and spray paint them black with your favorite spray paint.

Step 2: While your frames are drying, head online and find your favorite eye prints. I used the same ones as Grandin Road because they are simultaneously cute & creepy! I enlarged the images on Canva to match the size of my frames.

Step 3: Use the backing out of your frames and draw over your eye prints so you know where to cut. Cut out each eye print and place back into your frames/re-assemble

Step 4: Now its time to create the frame for your glasses! Place your oval frames upside down, double checking that they are in the correct position & right side up! Cut a long piece of wire and start forming the top part of the glasses.

My mom and I made this harder than it needed to be by using one very long piece here, but I recommend creating the glasses with several smaller pieces of wire. For example, use one piece for the top portion of the glasses, two smaller pieces for the cute little pieces coming off the sides, and two other pieces for where the wire comes in towards where the nose would be! Using smaller pieces will make it easier to glue!

Step 5: As we bent the wire to the correct shape based on the original photo from Grandin Road, we used duct tape to secure the wire on the back. The duct tape was just to hold the wire in place before we really secured it with hot glue.

Step 6: Once your wire is in place, use LOTS of hot glue to secure it on the backs of your frames. Allow to dry.

Step 7: Use some rub n buff and a paintbrush to turn the wire an antique gold color. You can also dap some rub n buff mixed with brown & black acrylic paint on the frames to give them a more vintage look as well.

diy spooky halloween eyeglasses grandin road dupe

Step 8: Hang with two small nails and enjoy your cute & spooky Halloween eyeglasses!


diy spooky halloween eyeglasses grandin road dupe
how cute are they?!

Seriously – SO easy! Until next time, and happy crafting!

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