DIY Candle Snow Globes Anthropologie dupe

Are you ready for the CUTEST hostess/neighbor/anyone & everyone gift of the season?! Then you’re in the right place! Because these DIY Candle Snow Globes are IT, y’all!

I asked my audience on Tiktok a few weeks back if they had any specific DIY requests, and this Anthro Snow Globe candle came up a few times. After seeing the price and the overall not-so-great reviews, I knew I had to recreate it!

anthropologue dupe snow globe candle
You can create these for as little as $8-10… I splurged a bit on my candles, so mine were closer to $18, but I love them! My biggest tip: Look for FALL candles on MAJOR sale right now that have labels that will peel off. A “falling leaves” or “apple cinnamon” fall candle in a cream, green, or red container works beautifully! I decided to make a few more as gifts and snagged some Fall clearance candles at Big Lots for $4.60!

I love duping expensive decor items for you guys, mainly because it allows me (and YOU!) to create a similar item in WHATEVER DECOR STYLE I WANT! So no, these DIY Candle Snow Globes don’t look like the Anthro original, in large part because I love whimsy, vintage, and color at Christmas!

Love red & green? Do that! Love moody jewel tones? You can go that direction, too! The world is your oyster, babe!

So let’s get to it shall we!

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DIY Candle Snow Globes – What You’ll Need:

DIY Candle Snow Globes – Hot To:

Step 1: Make sure you snag a few snowglobes for this project up front! I got several from Target for $5 in the Dollar Spot because who the heck knows if they’ll sell out or be back next year!

snowglobe target dollar spot DIY
I also snagged the adorable version with a little pom pom on top!

Step 2: Dissasemble your snow globe from it’s base (you can also create DIY candles with the bases themselves, so don’t throw them away!) Also remove the lid of your candle from the base, and set the base aside. I then positioned my snowglobe on top of my candle lid in the middle. I used a sharpie to mark a few dots along the edge of the snow globe base, onto the lid itself. This is optional but definitely helps you keep your winter scene within the boundaries of the snow globe base as you work! (You can remove the sharpie lines with a magic eraser later before you attach the snow globe to the lid permanently.)

Step 3: Pull apart a cotton ball or two to emulate fake snow. Hot glue onto you candle lid within the sharpie line boundaries. If you like, add hot glue on top of the cotton ball and sprinkle on some fake snow or glitter.

Step 4: Hot glue your desired figurines & trees on top of the cotton. Be sure they are very secure! You can then add more fake snow or glitter on top as you choose! I put a bit of hot glue on the top of my bottle brush trees and added some fake snow to look more wintery and amp up the sparkle factor!

I was originally doing this on top of the candle base, but trust me it’s easier if you remove it (see step 2)

Step 5: Place your snow globe carefully over your winter scene. Use E600 to secure it onto the candle lid. In order to cover up the glue/raw edge of the globe next to the lid, pipe some hot glue around the snow globe base and throw on some fake snow!

Step 6 (optional): On my perfectly round globes, I also put some hot glue on the top outside of the globe and threw on some fake snow up there as well. I think it just adds a little something extra! Allow everything to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 7 (optional): If you want a more snow globe-like appearance, turn your globe/lid upside down and shake gently. This will transfer some loose pieces of fake snow to the inside of the glass inside your snow globe, making it look more sparkly and snow globe-y (because that’s totally a word). 😝

DIY Candle Snow Globes

Step 8: Place your globe/lid back on top of your candle base, and voila – your very own DIY Candle Snow Globes! They make the sweetest gift for a hostess, neighbor, mom, aunt, grandma, sister… really anyone! And especially someone who has everything! You can show off a bit by customizing your gifted Snow Globe to the recipient’s chosen Christmas or winter decor style, too! Thank me later! 😉


As always, I have linked all of the items I can find for you that I used. However, the globes you may have to go into a Target store to find. I also have heard that some Dollar Tree stores are selling snow globe making kits, too, so keep an eye out there as well! There are also some awesome kits on Amazon as well! They include everything from multiple snowglobes to mini trees, figurines, and fake snow! One-stop shop (minus the candle)!

If you decide to make these adorable DIY Candle Snow Globes, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about your creations!

And until next time….

Happy crafting!

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