When I was about twelve I saw these DIY Pool Noodle Peppermints in someone’s yard in our neighborhood and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since! After deciding to turn our home into a life-sized gingerbread house this year, I knew I had to make these!

I initially thought I had missed my opportunity because where the heck do you find pool noodles in the Fall… but my Dollar Tree had a few left at the end of October and I snatched them up! And with just a couple of other supplies, these DIY Pool Noodle Peppermints came together super quickly, and for about $5 each!

DIY pool noodle peppermints

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DIY Pool Noodle Peppermints – What You’ll Need:

DIY Pool Noodle Peppermints – How To:

Step 1: Wrap electrical tape around your pool noodles in a spiral pattern. I doubled up my electrical tape to increase the impact of the stripes!

Step 2: Coil your pool noodles into a spiral. It helps to have 2 people for this step so they stay nice and tight. (You can also add some 16 gauge wire into the center of your pool noodles and that will help them stay more coiled as you wrap them into a spiral if you’re doing this project solo.

Step 3: As you coil the pool noodle, use your low temp hot glue to secure it. Tie a string tightly around the spiral pool noodle to hold it in place while the glue dries. I also recommend reinforcing with E6000 to make sure your spirals are really secure. Allow to dry for 6-8 hours.

Step 4: Remove the string around your peppermints. Stick your wood dowel into your peppermint (it’s easier if you make a point on the dowel, but I had no issue putting them into the pool noodles without a point). The dowel should ideally go past the center of your peppermint. I also recommend inserting the dowel at the very end of your pool noodle on the outside of the peppermint. This will help keep the end of the noodle in place even if your glue bond breaks a bit.

Step 5: Cut cellophane and wrap it around your peppermint. Gather the cellophane around the dowel.


Step 6: Tie a ribbon into a bow around the cellophane and dowel to secure.

That’s it! Add these to your porch/outdoor decor for Christmas. Fair warning though… ALL your neighbors are going to want to know where you got these cuties, so prepare for all the questions you’re about to get!

DIY pool noodle peppermints christmas front porch

Until next time…

Happy crafting!

DIY pool noodle peppermints
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