DIY decoupage easter eggs

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it, sometimes in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf, and other decorative elements. And because so many of the Easter eggs out there are plastic and garish colors (not so much in line with my decor), I decided to create my own DIY decoupage Easter eggs!

This project is very easy, but also MESSY and a bit time-consuming! Totally worth it though if you ask me! So let’s do it, shall we?!

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Decoupage Easter Eggs – What You’ll Need:

Decoupage Easter Eggs – How To:

Step 1: Cut apart your paper into strips. (You can also cut them into triangles or other random shapes, but after trying both, I like the strips best. It adds a bit of texture and dimension to the eggs that you don’t get otherwise!)

Step 2: Dip your paintbrush in the Modge Podge, and paint all around your egg; from bottom to top and back around to the bottom. Starting at the bottom of the egg, wrap a paper strip all the way around your egg. Your strip should pass right over the top of the egg and back around. You can cut off any excess or wrap the paper again, moving it slightly right or left to cover more of the egg. Now paint the paper again with Modge Podge until it sticks well (without you having to hold it).

Step 3: Your second paper strip should be directly perpendicular to the first. AKA, move 90 degrees to the right or left and wrap it around there, just like you did in Step 2.

DIY decoupage easter eggs

Step 4: Continue this process, wrapping strips around your egg until it is fully covered. When you get close to the end, you can sometimes just use small cut strips of paper without having to wrap them fully around, as you can see me doing in the middle photo below.

Step 5 (optional): Paint Modge Podge on your egg in random places and afix gold gilding. The gilding should stick well to the Modge Podge, but you can also paint over it to make it extra secure. This is another reason I used glossy Modge Podge, to ensure the gold stayed nice an shiny!

The gold gilding is also a great “cheat” for any parts of your paper that the pattern may have peeled off (this happens sometimes if your paper is thinner and becomes too saturated with the Modge Podge). But not to worry, the gilding will cover that right up!

Step 6: Set aside your egg on wax paper to allow to dry. Repeat as many times as you like!

Step 7 (optional): Hot glue a bit of string to the top of your egg to hang!

Step 8: style your dried eggs however you like. I love them in a cloche, an apothecary jar, or hanging on some branches for Easter! You’ve probably also seen them styled with glitter on my Vintage Easter wreaths, available in my Etsy store!

DIY gold gilded decoupage easter eggs tutorial


These DIY Decoupage Easter Eggs also make a great party favor for your Easter party, or I could see some beautiful hand lettering on them for place settings!

I hope you enjoy!

Until next time… happy crafting…

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