DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs Reveal!

Let’s get ready for Easter with these DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs! I saw these in the Grandin Road catalog and my jaw about hit the floor when I saw the price. They are ON SALE right now and STILL $230+, and that doesn’t include the almost $30 shipping charge. No thank you!

This price for ONE egg?! Absolutely not!

So I set out to create them myself, and after a couple of fails, I settled on the way I’m about to share with you! You don’t need a ton of materials, and I’ve linked them all for you below.

So let’s do this – DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs here we come! 🙂

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DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs – What You’ll Need:

DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs – How To:

Step 1: Empty out your plastic egg. Save all those little eggs for other projects or to use in your Easter Egg Hunt! Now, glue your egg back together with E6000 or super glue and allow to dry. Something to consider is whether or not you want to add some rocks or sand inside your egg to add some weight for wind protection. That said, the joint compound does add quite a bit of weight, and I’m not worries about them blowing over.

(Full disclosure, I did not glue my egg together and wish I had! I experienced some cracking only around the seam where the egg naturally came apart, and I think it’s because of slight shifting in the egg while drying!)

Step 2: Once dry, use your sanding block to scuff sand your egg. I also didn’t do this, but it’s never a bad idea, as it helps your joint compound have a more texture surface to stick to.

Wipe off your egg with a cloth and then tape the seam with painters tape. Be sure the tape is stuck down well and smooth.

Step 3: Now it’s time to slap your joint compound onto your egg. I didn’t use gloves, but it’s never a bad idea, especially since joint compound can be very drying to your skin. Create a good layer of joint compound on the top of your egg and allow to dry, ideally for 12-24 hours. The compound doesn’t need to be super smooth (we’re going to sand later), but smooth it out as best as you can as you go. Repeat this process for the bottom of your egg.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 two to three more times, making sure you are allowing adequate drying time in between.

Step 5: If you find your egg is cracking at the seam area, like I did, not to worry, we’re going to fix it! Grab to Fiba drywall joint tape and apply it around your egg. You’ll then need to repeat Step 3 two more times to hide the tape, but it’s well worth the effort. You could also be proactive and apply the Fiba tape after the first coat of joint compound dries, just to ensure you won’t see any cracking!

Step 6: Once your egg is fully dry, grab your sanding block and a bucket of water. Dip your sanding block into the water and wet sand your egg until the texture is as smooth as you like. I left some texture to my eggs so they looked more like plaster. Wet sanding is key here to ensure you don’t create a dusty mess!

Step 7: Allow the eggs to dry after wet sanding, about 30 minutes to be safe!

Here’s what my DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs looked like right before I primed them!

Step 8: Spray your egg with a flat or glossy white primer. This ensures that your paint won’t be absorbed into the joint compound. I didn’t worry about getting the very bottom of the egg (where it sits) as you’ll never see it. Allow to dry.

priming your DIY giant porch eggs

Step 9: Spray your egg with your chosen spray paint color. I recommend a glossy paint as this is helpful for moisture protection. I used this beautiful mint green color and I just love it!

Step 10: Use acrylic paint and a small paintbrush to embellish your egg however you like! I chose to paint mine with some spring flowers, and I just love how they turned out! If you aren’t confident in your painting skills, use a pencil to sketch your design first. You can erase any missteps with a magic eraser! Once your designs are painted, allow to dry, about 3 hours.


Step 11: Finally, spray your egg with a clear glossy enamel topcoat, again to help protect from moisture! Allow to dry.

And there you have it – giant porch easter eggs that you created for about $20-25 each (maybe a bit more if you don’t have some of the materials like spray paint on hand), verus the $230+ $30 shipping for the Grandin Road version! I call that a win!

Stay tuned to see how I style these on my Spring porch (if only the weather would cooperate!)

Before I sign off…

A couple of Giant Porch Easter Eggs Q&As:

QUESTION: Why don’t you just paper mache these on balloons?
ANSWER: I did a paper mache project for Halloween and while they turned out fine, they are NOT water or moisture proof. I also wasn’t keen on the texture, and while a balloon might seem like it’s egg shaped, it’s really more round when you paper mache it.

QUESTION: Why bother with the joint compound? Couldn’t you just spray paint the plastic egg?
ANSWER: You absolutely could spray the plastic egg (be sure you are using paint made for plastic), but I did not want that plastic easter egg look. I wanted to hide the seam of the eggs and make them look more like concrete/plaster. The joint compound also added a LOT of weight to these, which helps them stay put on your porch in any kind of wind.

QUESTION: How do you store these giant porch easter eggs?
ANSWER: I have a lot of storage space at SVF so storing these is no problem. I will just put them up in our attic storage space after Easter.

And that’s it y’all! I hope you enjoy making some DIY Giant Porch Eggs of your own! Let me know in the comments

DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs tutorial
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