When we started planning to build our home, I envisioned a large great room with pitched ceilings and beautiful wood beams. Ceiling beams are such a wonderful way to add character, ground a space with warmth, and add visual interest that draws your eye up (a huge plus when you have tall or pitched ceilings).

But real wood beams can not only be incredibly expensive material-wise, but also VERY pricey to install Because of their weight, they need true truss supports and several people to install to manage just how heavy they are.

And that’s where AZ Faux came in!

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I’ve been following AZ Faux since about 2017, and I’ve always thought their faux wood beams were just absolutely stunning and so realistic looking. So I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with them to design our great room (and primary bath!) at Sunrise Valley Farm.

It seems like this project has been forever in the making, so I am so excited to share (finally!) the finished product in our new home. And just like I suspected, it’s even better than I imagined.

Installing Faux Wood Beams:

A little behind the install –

Adding faux beams with AZ Faux is something you could 100% DIY. AZ Faux has a blog with many DIY project inspiration posts. But because we were building our home from scratch, we elected to have our builder install these.

These beams went up very quickly and per our carpenter, were very easy to install. AZ Faux sends all of the information you need to install your beams, and their detailed instructions are very helpful for any situation you might find yourself in. For example – want to hang a light fixture from the middle of your beam like we did? No problem! AZ Faux has instructions for you!

There are also SO many different color and finish options for you to choose from. You can order samples from AZ Faux and the cost of up to 5 can be deducted from your final order. We ordered several samples to ensure we got the look we wanted, which I 100% recommend, and ultimately we chose the Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Burnished for our great room and Log for our primary bath. Both look so realistic and we are just in love!

So let’s get to the good stuff shall we… the final looks!

Faux Wood Beams – The Final Product:

I cannot imagine our spaces at SVF without these beautiful beams from AZ Faux – they truly add so much character and y’all, I swear… every single person who has come to visit has thought they were real wood beams! And for a FRACTION of the price! Total win!

Great Room Reveal:

faux wood beams in transitional style great room
ceiling beams

Don’t they look just beautiful?! I can’t imagine the room without them. And now, for the bathroom…

Primary Bath Reveal:

primary bathroom with az faux wood beams


We didn’t initially plan to have a beam in the bathroom, but with the pitched ceiling, the room was just begging for it! And I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and added the beam here – again, it adds so much to the space but didn’t break the bank! As you can see, in both spaces, we have light fixtures hanging from the beams, which AZ Faux made so easy to accomplish with their detailed installation instructions!

I cannot recommend these beautiful AZ Faux beams more, especially if you want to add that extra special something to your space, whether that’s a living room, bathroom, dining or bedroom. You really cannot go wrong with ceiling beams! And especially if you’re working with a home that’s already built, these lightweight faux wood beams are the perfect option for you!

If you have any questions about our experience with AZ Faux or these beams, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Until next time…

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